#FormerFatty Series: 21 Day rule never giving up hope

I will name this series, former fatty series, a few days ago I wanted to give up. My weight had started creeping up again and I was rather bored working out by myself. So I wanted to write to encourage the discouraged because I been there! Continue reading “#FormerFatty Series: 21 Day rule never giving up hope”


3 LESSONS from fatness to fitness: Harare Fitness Community

Either you get fit to look better or you get fit for survival. I have learnt how fitness teaches a lot on life. A special event happened as I ran up the hill at Kopje with police rookies. The latter is the community of people who use fitness and sport to earn a living. Sensei Mugove Muhambi is a martial arts guru who also trains, … Continue reading 3 LESSONS from fatness to fitness: Harare Fitness Community

The Freedom Project. . . What really motivated me to lose weight!

A month since my last blog post but more than a year since I have been completely open and blogger like on this platform. So here I am, Concrete Jungle Fashionista back to do what I began years ago, which is share too much information. For the past three years I was defined by my employer so in May I quit my job to pursue … Continue reading The Freedom Project. . . What really motivated me to lose weight!

My first facial, an honest experience

Curtley’s Zimbabwe HARARE – In all my years, I have never found the need to have a facial. My skin has no acne problem, in fact it changes its needs every season. Winter is my best time for my skin, it behaves well. In high school I subjected it to a lot of sunburn because of a bad habit in winter.

I revived it with water SPF and brightening cosmetics, but the best for me was Tea Tree Cream and Vitamin E cream.

Fast forward, as I did the #FESOChallenge, Kuda from Curtley’s Salon and Spa gave me a surprise facial after having learnt about FESO hair cosmetic range.  Continue reading “My first facial, an honest experience”

How I ate #BaobabPowder to get toned

BAOBAB is the TRUTH, but there is a background to this post. . .

I probably only watch Television during the weekend, Sunday/Saturday afternoon. Mostly Saturdays and I was interested in another cheesy show by Kourtney Kardashian. Where in all the makeup and surgery, she helps people lose weight in 12 weeks to revenge those that doubted the people.

While in 12 weeks they do daily exercises, diet monitored and controlled and celebrity trainers…this is not affordable post show for some. Continue reading “How I ate #BaobabPowder to get toned”

The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017

HARARE – I always knew that my choices in foods was the problem. Diet is 80 percent of weight loss, by diet I mean what you eat and drink will have an impact the most on your body. People have misunderstood the word diet to mean a program that is insane, e.g A liquids only eating plan for a week or two to lose 8 kilograms. Continue reading “The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017”

Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs

I am not a fan of 90 Day Challenges, or similar detoxes that require someone to eat a cucumber at night or drink green kale juice instead of cooking the kale and chewing it like a normal human being.

In the tabloid paper, I saw an overweight socialite start a 90-Day Challenge, last year Radio DJs too from ZiFM also did a 90 Day Challenge. Always at the beginning of each year, some celeb has decided to shed the Christmas calories. However I do have my reservations and here it is.. Continue reading “Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs”