Guest Post: How To Keep Fit In Harare by Robin Chaibva

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? Having moved from South Africa, I took fitness for granted. Being on a student budget and having no car meant my food and walking sustained my very slim figure. Gym there wasn’t expensive at all either. Maybe an equivalent of $30 for 3 months access per facility or class. These were world class facilities at the gym…yet I… Continue reading Guest Post: How To Keep Fit In Harare by Robin Chaibva

Messy Grace Blog – Sanctifying Singleness

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A couple of weeks ago, we spoke about Singleness from 1 Corinthians 7 and how the church should do better at discipling singles in a sermon titled “It’s Complicated” – Sanctifying Relationship Status. After this sermon, one of our congregants, Gareth Brady, emailed me and shared how he and his wife Robyn wanted to disciple singles in their community, as he had been someone who had… Continue reading Messy Grace Blog – Sanctifying Singleness

Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

The #FESOChallenge Facebook group is growing, almost a 100 members. So far with my hair, I have noticed growth and health. So a summary so far of what has happened so far: Week 1: 8 April – ASSESSMENT I got a hair analysis in the scalp clinic, for a nominal fee of $10 for assessment one can see hair health and density. My scalp has … Continue reading Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

Avoiding a male style disaster

Everyone has that guy they know who has horrid style. While they may not like the idea of a gay stylist or their bae telling them their style is whack, they need this infographic. There is no shade here, remembering someone was not impressed with AKA a South African rappers black tie brown shoes at an event with his current bae, Bonang.

So please all those with a husband, boyfriend, guy friend, brother, cousin whose style never knows what to wear for a dresscode sent me an infographic to solve that mess! Continue reading “Avoiding a male style disaster”

Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs

I am not a fan of 90 Day Challenges, or similar detoxes that require someone to eat a cucumber at night or drink green kale juice instead of cooking the kale and chewing it like a normal human being.

In the tabloid paper, I saw an overweight socialite start a 90-Day Challenge, last year Radio DJs too from ZiFM also did a 90 Day Challenge. Always at the beginning of each year, some celeb has decided to shed the Christmas calories. However I do have my reservations and here it is.. Continue reading “Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs”

Bushman Rock: When the group trip fails, travelling solo as the only option

Travelling solo for many people is a bit taboo. It just seems a bit odd and there is security in having someone with you in case of forgetting your hat on a train or dropping pennies and passport.

So it is no surprise that this year I planned a group trip for my birthday for Bushman Rock. People are more involved in enquiries but never in actively saving for the trip.

OK, wow it is nice you want to travel the world and dream about the Eiffel Tower…but aspiration talks bore me. I end up hearing complaints and complaints about why it is hard, and the reality is that is where most people end. No feedback, nothing!


This is not a fictional story, this is my experience for an overnight trip at the Bushman Rock holiday resort. Continue reading “Bushman Rock: When the group trip fails, travelling solo as the only option”