The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017

HARARE – I always knew that my choices in foods was the problem. Diet is 80 percent of weight loss, by diet I mean what you eat and drink will have an impact the most on your body. People have misunderstood the word diet to mean a program that is insane, e.g A liquids only eating plan for a week or two to lose 8 kilograms.

Cheers to healthy living and bright mornings

I am not a fitness guru, but from what I read when you lose weight insanely fast, you lose any form of definition of your muscles and your skin will not have enough time to contract. Its more about the overall appearance than the number on the scale. Yes I am talking about those who lose weight and have no muscle definition and show ZERO strength.

Also liquid diets are unsustainable in the long-term your body needs food that is balanced, rather train yourself on making better choices for the rest of your life, learning to choose the better foods and cook the best way to your preferences and personal tastes.

Today I am sharing how I discovered my dieting style and figured out my real issue with food and the causes for my weight gain in the first place. How I designed my program.

February 2017 and November 2016 the change

The Real Issues


I found out that the reason why I gained a lot of weight was because I was overeating to cope with stress from work, ALSO that I was now in a new dept with people with zero concerns on healthy eating habits.

A weak will-power was my issue. Given that I am not one to starve I decided to have a packed lunch for myself instead and have healthy snacks. No sugar, low-fat milk, high fibre provita biscuits for energy and sweet fruits for my sugar craving.


I found that I overdrive to places I could easily walk to and did not have enough time to exercise. My skipping rope was accumulating dust and my yoga mat packed away. I joined a small gym I found by mistake, not state of the art, but a small gym gave me the privacy I needed. Also my gym did not have mirrors that sometimes cause too many selfies around of those who gym for the Instagram.

Being a small gym I do not meet work mates and bosses, which is for me embarrassing to be seen with sweat patches or terribly unfit.

I now do gym 5 times a week and have made new friends in the fitness community. I take every class seriously.


I will leave vegan life for Beyonce and Jay-Z, every time I skip meat from my diet I feel terribly weak. I work out a lot and protein makes me feel fuller and I do not want to lose muscle, so I remain thick with protein in my diet


I like sweet things, so I do not have flavoured yoghurt, sugar or honey. Unless I need a quick energy burst, a sip of a sugar drink will help me manage the need for sweet things


  • Four days a week 45 to 60 min Aerobics and Cardio Training indoors
  • Once a week, Saturday morning various outdoor training for 2 hours
  • Daily breakfast power drink of Baobab, Low Fat Milk, Water and All Bran Porridge in a beer mug
  • Lunch is a protein (non beef) and healthy non starch carbs (broccoli, butternut, lentils etc)
  • Three Litres of Water
  • Early Morning fat burner
  • Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber water as my drink in the morning

What is your personal style of losing weight, mine has it to stay thick and fit and lose that extra belly and unnecessary junk in the gut.




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