Before the talk, David Tlale sips some water getting ready for a long meaningful heartfelt lesson on Runway to Retail (Picture by Robin Chaibva/NGOSIKADZI MEDIA) Sticky post

Business lessons from @Tlale_Large Edgars workshop

Friday 26th of August was the day that the iconic designer, the first African to host a solo show at New York Fashion Week hosted a show in Harare at Meikles. In the morning he gave a designer’s workshop “Runway to Retail” which was altogether worthy for all startup entrepreneurs to hear. Continue reading “Business lessons from @Tlale_Large Edgars workshop”

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Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!

I have been blogging seriously since APRIL 2012, and a number of people have asked me, HOW DO YOU DO IT?… okay maybe just one…but my point remains. In Zimbabwe blogging is a unique situation, especially given the economy and lack of information, blogs become the only informants of certain industries.

But I will share MY experience here! Continue reading “Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!”

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Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)

I have travelled before to Victoria Falls, but for the first time it was not because of tagging along my mom’s trip – my own savings, my own agenda…I mean I worked for this money so WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??!….

Apparently…quite a bit. Continue reading “Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)”

MakeUp messitude!

Make-up fiasco storage

My name is Robin and my makeup storage is ALWAYS a mess. asked me to join a collection of bloggers with beauty storage tips, and I absolutely suck at it!

Exhibit 1: WTF Mess is this! Continue reading “Make-up fiasco storage”


Zimbabwean Fashion Mogul launches Fashion School

Harare is becoming a fashion hub in its own right, back when I started this blog it was unclear to me where we stood as an industry.

This year Designer of Zuvva is launching a fashion school branch. Continue reading “Zimbabwean Fashion Mogul launches Fashion School”

"I am not coloured, I am colour" David Tlale's collection was the most anticipated collection of the event. I loved the lace skirt which was bedazzled and all white collection.

Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

David Tlale coming to #Zimbabwe @Tlale_Large

It was 2012 when I blogged at Zimbabwe Fashion Week, when David Tlale showcased at the finale. It was the night I will never forget, Continue reading “David Tlale coming to #Zimbabwe @Tlale_Large”

Watch me me nae nae

About these natural hair Facebook communities

As part of my hair journey, I have been a fan of the growing communities on hair. Unfortunately there is a major disadvantage with online hair support groups I have figured out, even as a follower. Continue reading “About these natural hair Facebook communities”

Sitting at the desk placed where they should be no desk you would never imagine my story

#Career: Being a young African female startup owner

They call us Miss Independent. She walks like the boss, talks like the boss…and is fly effortlessly

Do not be fooled. It can come with connotations that independence means from love and human contact.

Let us be honest…

Being a female entrepreneur has enough challenges as being a corporate working female.

It is the snide remarks on women having to be domesticated, despite that when people decide to be housewives they also face challenges.

But there is hope Continue reading “#Career: Being a young African female startup owner”


3 Vital lessons when it comes to #Travel planning

I love to travel, no doubt about it. However it can be pretty stressful to try to plan it all, especially last minute is the worst plan.

Honestly, I have not travelled as often as I would want to. Despite that I have taken a lot of flights from Harare to Johannesburg as a lesson on travel.

Later on this year I am visiting LAGOS Nigeria, yes LAGOS baby. And I plan to go to VicFalls AGAIN…and some BULAWAYO the Matabeleland Province capital. So I plan a lot here is some travel tips. Continue reading “3 Vital lessons when it comes to #Travel planning”

New job selfie

Change is good…well at least I feel it is

This past month I have been settling down in a new job. Yes the job that was my entrance in media at Sunday Mail has changed. It was a rather long and hard decision, okay maybe I WhatsApped my 4 friends who said GO GET IT GIRL!!!

So here is what I learned so far when I changed from the biggest newspaper brand in Zimbabwe to … well… somewhere unknown Continue reading “Change is good…well at least I feel it is”

Enjoy the smell of coffee and the supply of wifi at M&B

Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven

HARARE – A haven for bloggers is definitely a coffee shop. The coffee shop gives a mobile home office, WiFi and power source and you are ready to do your thang (Not sure if it is cool to say thang instead of thing anymore).

Being a blogger means you wear many hats so you can also be a business person, a student studying school or setting up a project – we make several plans.

So I have not shopped in a while, but I now coffee “shop” often. Today I want to talk about a coffee shop I call home for a day,  Continue reading “Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven”


Unlocking my potential thanks to Barclays @BOOSTFellowship

This post is a little different… For a fashion blogger this post is different,  I work in online media administration and tweet for the most popular Business Newspaper brand. That is when I looked at myself and the business executives that I too wanted to be wealthy and set. It was time to WORK WORK WORK! I saw my dream car model being driven by … Continue reading Unlocking my potential thanks to Barclays @BOOSTFellowship