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Voices of Wisdom – Sauti za Busara Festival Zanzibar

I am so excited to announce my travel calendar is scheduled for Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I have a connection with Zanzibar, basing my English composition on cats in the streets of Zanzibar having never been… I look forward to the cats and Swahili style streets in Stone Town. The festival happens every February and has featured Ammara Brown and Cde Fatso, artistes … Continue reading Voices of Wisdom – Sauti za Busara Festival Zanzibar

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Travel Zimbabwe, introducing

It must have been the water of Zambezi that cleansed my thoughts, away from the smoke of the urban city of Harare – the smoke I rather felt was from the Falls’ “Smoke That Thunders” – Mosi-oa-Tunya known as Victoria Falls.

It is from that the name HAMBA came into my mind, Hamba Now, Travel Now, Go Now a travel company. Continue reading “Travel Zimbabwe, introducing”

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Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)

I have travelled before to Victoria Falls, but for the first time it was not because of tagging along my mom’s trip – my own savings, my own agenda…I mean I worked for this money so WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??!….

Apparently…quite a bit. Continue reading “Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)”

Avoiding a male style disaster

Everyone has that guy they know who has horrid style. While they may not like the idea of a gay stylist or their bae telling them their style is whack, they need this infographic. There is no shade here, remembering someone was not impressed with AKA a South African rappers black tie brown shoes at an event with his current bae, Bonang.

So please all those with a husband, boyfriend, guy friend, brother, cousin whose style never knows what to wear for a dresscode sent me an infographic to solve that mess! Continue reading “Avoiding a male style disaster”

Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks

Bentonite Clay is helping my face to slay, I need it now more than ever.

Apparently bacteria we interact with at the workplace, and gym and touching our face can cause acne and dirt accumulating. Continue reading “Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks”

Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs

I am not a fan of 90 Day Challenges, or similar detoxes that require someone to eat a cucumber at night or drink green kale juice instead of cooking the kale and chewing it like a normal human being.

In the tabloid paper, I saw an overweight socialite start a 90-Day Challenge, last year Radio DJs too from ZiFM also did a 90 Day Challenge. Always at the beginning of each year, some celeb has decided to shed the Christmas calories. However I do have my reservations and here it is.. Continue reading “Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs”

Wazal Couture: Cameroonian fashion we are head ‘ova’ heels with

African print designs, have become over used by people. This means designers have had to go beyond the usual placement and innovate with fabrics.

After seeing Wazal‘s designs I realised that African Print is indeed alive and well revived in this Cameroonian designer based in Paris.

The Wazal collection 2016/2017 called “Ova Tété”. Continue reading “Wazal Couture: Cameroonian fashion we are head ‘ova’ heels with”

Too Legit To Quit ~ staying stylish while getting fit!

MOTTO thanks to Cassper Nyovest, Too Legit to Quit in his hit song “TWO LEGIT”.

This is 2017, I started my health journey after a trip I took to Swaziland  last year. It was after my 3rd or 2nd day in gym, Cassper was on TRACE.

From his new body, high level fitness and style, I knew it was time I took this journey as a test of my character and stay stylish while at it.

Continue reading “Too Legit To Quit ~ staying stylish while getting fit!”

Party in MOSI, Jameson Victoria Falls Carnival

It was hot and happening as Jameson Whisky fully sponsored the 2016 edition of the carnival as we ushered into the new year. Our Instagram was one to follow as we gave a day by day posts of the fashion, art, music and epic vibes at the party! Continue reading “Party in MOSI, Jameson Victoria Falls Carnival”