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Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!

I have been blogging seriously since APRIL 2012, and a number of people have asked me, HOW DO YOU DO IT?… okay maybe just one…but my point remains. In Zimbabwe blogging is a unique situation, especially given the economy and lack of information, blogs become the only informants of certain industries.

But I will share MY experience here! Continue reading “Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!”

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Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)

I have travelled before to Victoria Falls, but for the first time it was not because of tagging along my mom’s trip – my own savings, my own agenda…I mean I worked for this money so WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??!….

Apparently…quite a bit. Continue reading “Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)”

Enjoy the smell of coffee and the supply of wifi at M&B

Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven

HARARE – A haven for bloggers is definitely a coffee shop. The coffee shop gives a mobile home office, WiFi and power source and you are ready to do your thang (Not sure if it is cool to say thang instead of thing anymore).

Being a blogger means you wear many hats so you can also be a business person, a student studying school or setting up a project – we make several plans.

So I have not shopped in a while, but I now coffee “shop” often. Today I want to talk about a coffee shop I call home for a day,  Continue reading “Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven”


Unlocking my potential thanks to Barclays @BOOSTFellowship

This post is a little different… For a fashion blogger this post is different,  I work in online media administration and tweet for the most popular Business Newspaper brand. That is when I looked at myself and the business executives that I too wanted to be wealthy and set. It was time to WORK WORK WORK! I saw my dream car model being driven by … Continue reading Unlocking my potential thanks to Barclays @BOOSTFellowship


HOW TO: Prepare your hair for braiding

Box braids are my favourite, it is when I started this blog I had braids I loved. After asking on the blogs facebook, Box Braids or Twists, it was BOX BRAIDS THAT WON Continue reading “HOW TO: Prepare your hair for braiding”

The decor of projects

Places to shop Zimbabwean and African designers in HARARE

The whole driving force behind this blog, besides shoes…has been discovering and sharing information on Zimbabwean fashion industry.

It has been an ongoing process…while a lot of designers are functioning and have studios of their own…they are very invisible in terms of finding where to buy.

So I have gathered a list of places to find them, outside festivals and events.
Continue reading “Places to shop Zimbabwean and African designers in HARARE”

Moisture fro is twisted

Repairing and protective styling my hair

My natural hair knowledge is evolving, but what is the best lesson is practical part and application to my own strands.

So I decided on my free day to use Aunt Jackies to wash and manage my hair at home, I also used the new buzzword in hair from Zimbabwe….FESO

The evolution of the hairstyling at home and at the salon.

Continue reading “Repairing and protective styling my hair”


REVIEW: Aunt Jackie’s “oh so clean” shampoo

I got my products to review right in time for when my hair was feeling itchy and dry for a wash.  Continue reading “REVIEW: Aunt Jackie’s “oh so clean” shampoo”


Aunt Jackie’s curls and coils comes to Zimbabwe

So me doing what I do best, blog about my natural hair! Was contacted by the suppliers of Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils regarding some product testing. Continue reading “Aunt Jackie’s curls and coils comes to Zimbabwe”


Natural haircare – moisture boosting that afro

My afro was shrunken, frizzy and unmanageable yesterday.

Using Aunt Jackie’s Curl Custard and other homemade ingredients, I found a solution! Continue reading “Natural haircare – moisture boosting that afro”


Ethical fashion in Zimbabwe – Mustard Seed Africa

Gail Mawocha is a fashion genius in Zimbabwe. While most designers are lamenting about them not making money, second hand and imports… Gail advocates for grassroot level producers of fashion! Continue reading “Ethical fashion in Zimbabwe – Mustard Seed Africa”