Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge

HARARE – Natural hair has now exceeded being a mere movement, but it is now a way of life in Zimbabwe. Corporate naturalistas are making their mark in their kinky Afros, no need to be told our hair is “unprofessional”. My natural hair is growing, however it has reached a stunt, much like my hair when it was relaxed.

So I am creating a #FESOChallenge by Ngosikadzi Concrete Jungle BLOG, I am inviting all those interested to join a Facebook group and participate in the challenge to grow their hair naturally or follow the progress. Continue reading “Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge”


Festival fashion the HAMBA Mzuri Sana travel collection

I love me some festival fashion, the music and the fun needs clothes that are easy and liberating.

Hence I never seem to find enough clothing that can express my free spirit with the right balance of culture and fashion.  Continue reading “Festival fashion the HAMBA Mzuri Sana travel collection”


Travel Zimbabwe, introducing hambanow.com

It must have been the water of Zambezi that cleansed my thoughts, away from the smoke of the urban city of Harare – the smoke I rather felt was from the Falls’ “Smoke That Thunders” – Mosi-oa-Tunya known as Victoria Falls.

It is from that the name HAMBA came into my mind, Hamba Now, Travel Now, Go Now a travel company. Continue reading “Travel Zimbabwe, introducing hambanow.com”

Why I love to Fly Emirates

Emirates did the things and HAMBA can hook up


EMIRATES airline gift

A Womens Day surprise awaited me this March as a goodie bag from the airline that connects the world.

The BVLGARI travel kit for toiletries was a pleasant surprise for me.

Remembering how HAMBA is inspired by travel I advise the following as wardrobe staples for a HAMBAstic travel.

  • A gadget sleeve by HAMBA
  • BOMBER JACKET with inner pocket for travel convenience
  • Messenger bag for tablet
  • Leather laptop bag

HAMBA bomber and Leather Bag

A HAMBA sleeve for you tablet

The essentials at the DREAMHUB

We are ready to travel via Emirates hub Dubai in May with our travel kit and Hamba Accessories and Clothing. The convenience of transit is close to none for international travel.

Emirates Travel Kit

Happy Future Travels!


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We honour King Mashoeshoe Day


Tailor Masibs

Celebrating 11 March the Mashoeshoe Day…death of the first King of Lesotho nation. It was no surprise when our head tailor insisted to use shweshwe for his uniform bomber jacket. I believe staff should love to wear product too!

HAMBA bomber launch edition

A brief historyof ShweShwe Fabric

In the 1840s, French missionaries gifted the Basotho Chief, King Moshoeshoe I indigo-printed cloth. Extremely pleased, the King endorsed the fabric and it spread in popularity throughout the Sotho and Zulu inhabitants of his domain. According to historians, the name ‘shweshwe’ derives from its royal influencer, King Moshoeshoe.

In 1858, Germans arrived at the Eastern Cape. They too brought indigo cloth. Xhosa women attending German missionaries adopted shweshwe and it gradually spread throughout the Xhosa people.

MASIBS saw a client wearing it and decided he too needed a piece in the shweshwe fabric

When I saw Dudu a classmate…

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Welcome to the Dream Hub Zimbabwe

See my latest blog on HAMBA website


HARARE – I get reminded how much blogging has got me to this place when I log into my WordPress to share my journey.

Here we are with a co retail space for Small to Medium Enterprises. Innovative and Functional for the economy…I also manufacture your favourite African brand.

HAMBA has been a long journey but rewarding

Remember to drop by and see our range of items

145 Fife Avenue (Same Complex as Nu Fife Avenue Pharmacy near Cnr Fife Ave and 5th Street), Avenues in HARARE

263779478199 is how you can get us and get our catalogue!

Peace and Love


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Winter is coming! Bomber Jackets essentials by HAMBA

Winter is coming, at least it has hit some parts of South Africa already and we have you covered for the winter with our bomber jackets under HAMBA, which solve so many of fashions problems.

Problem 1: I want a jacket that is versatile throughout Winter and Summer and easy to layer

Solution: We have the classic bomber jacket that is available with a light fabric and light inner lining. Enjoy this jacket that is unisex and versatile as well, fabrics subject to availability.

The Classic Piece

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Problem 2: I need to show off my figure and need a feminine jacket

Solution: Our crop versions have the beautiful length to show off the figure and a flattering cut to show off your feminine curves



Problem 3: I need a super bomber for winter to survive the windy days and extra cold weather

Solution: Our bated bombers give volume and warmth for the wearer and really useful for cold weather.


We got you covered you can find out the prices of these items with a $10 USD cash discount for cash payments. www.hambanow.bigcartel.com

Images and Creative Direction by SEIPONE MEDIA by Refenste Sebothoma



What happens after reaching your goal weight?

Harare, Zimbabwe – I always wonder if people have a plan when they reach their goal weight. The journey to your weight loss or fat loss target is an exciting one, unfortunately the biggest problem is “Then what?”

From experience how you transform is very important in the maintenance of the body and what your next goal is.

My goal was to shred and get smaller…my next goal was to build muscle and stamina…current goal is to refine my muscle and build strength. Again that is my choice, so it has to be clear what you want and how you intend to maintain.

Back to the issue on how you gained the body, from previous experience people who used fast track methods, testosterone boosts, fat burners while achieve results fast and perfected with the high level of training, gain the weight back once off it. The truth is train your body to increase the hormones for burning fat, be patient and consistent. Get to your body weight if you had the bare minimum can be adjusted. Gym fees have hiked, and if your gym was already crazy expensive… can you stay fit without that gym? Do you have alternatives?

Stay hydrated and consistent, build a sustainable lifestyle, not terrible habits! Abeg!



Why I love the bomber jacket

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The year is starting and I cannot contain how excited I am to be alive first and foremost and able to make great clothes that people love as well.

Last year I lost a very important part of my soul, grandma Josephine who was in full support for HAMBA from the time in Lilongwe. Being able to share the beauty of life through my art. I am truly grateful!

I therefore love how the bomber jacket has been my favourite piece from the beginning.

To date there are four versions of the bomber.

Version 1: It was lined in pongee and mainly had khakhi sleeves as the signature look the contrast was everything.

Version 2: This bomber is lined with fleece for extra warmth and bigger pockets

Version 3: Crop Bomber adds a different proportion for women to show their waist and less bulky look.

Version 4: Zipper bomber for extra security has zippers for pockets

We keep getting better and we keep making the all weather bomber jacket for everyone!



About the HAMBA luxe clothing brand

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Starting the fashion label was bumpy and very taxing as I created a collection for Lilongwe in 2017.

In 2018 I saw myself creating brand new clothing from materials inspired by Africa and fitness.

We emerged with a fusion of athleisure and glam feminine looks to our classic Bomber jacket which has four versions to date.

The African Print Bomber original, Puffy Bomber, Cropped Bomber, Zip Detailed Bomber.

2018 found us having two photoshoots. Our timely shoot was with South African photojournalist, Refenste Sebothoma. He has worked with Khosi Nkosi and MAHONE labels in South Africa to name a few.

Order yourself a bomber and other fancy clothing from HAMBA now available for sale on PAYPAL, USD and Rands.

Wear it at a festival, concert, luxury hotel, high tea, wedding, romantic date or at the mall you are sure to wear a HAMBA piece from a chilled weekend to a lit situation!




STORY of HAMBA: from a fashion blogger to fashion designer

Harare, Zimbabwe – I recall starting this blog as a tumblr account on a dialup connection with ZOL as well as my moms HP computer which was for her company. If I had seen that in a few years I was going to have a collection in Malawi and clothes shot in Johannesburg I would have never believed.

I started very small but driven. I had a web camera for my content. Imagine a laptop on the ground as I took pictures of my shoe finds.

Often we forget where we came from. How much has been done to fuel a dream. Often making us feel ungrateful when we look back 5 years ago how one dream to start a blog has turned into a business from travel to fashion.

In 2014 I started Ngosikadzi and the designer I worked with, was a mess. In 2017 I met Michelle Hakata as a boss of mine ended up teaching me how to run a fashion line. A senior media person taught me how to start a fashion line! Mentors are found everywhere.

The point I am making is there is no need to get bogged down in getting trained before you find that drive to work with what you have access to.

Today could be the beginning of a new journey into unknown territory…your obstacle is YOU as much as your enabler is YOU. What side of you are you going to let dominate you.

Just do it. As long as you do something you learn.



Guest Post: How To Keep Fit In Harare by Robin Chaibva

Zim On Zip


Having moved from South Africa, I took fitness for granted. Being on a student budget and having no car meant my food and walking sustained my very slim figure. Gym there wasn’t expensive at all either. Maybe an equivalent of $30 for 3 months access per facility or class. These were world class facilities at the gym…yet I had zero interest.

Fast forward, moving back to Zim meant I had more food and less walking, thus I needed a gym. It took me 3 years to find a gym and start my fitness.

Here are some tips on how to survive:

Lower Your Expectations

c113d395-4b49-4842-8b97-01260a431278.VID_24140508_111055_391.mp4 Expectations? What are those?

Okay get over yourself if you want a world class gym paying $100 membership, excluding the signup fee. That is $1200 a year. Subtract public holidays because in Zimbabwean gym culture, they close on Sundays and Public Holidays. In addition, the festive…

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MUST HAVES and needs in your gym kit

It is the NEW YEAR and for many people continuing or starting on body goals has commenced.

I took a break this festive from the fitness and had fatigued my body from the travel so I decided to start mid January.

Lawson Kopje Class for all….was unexpected and we were never ready

I had to learn some lessons along the way on what I need to carry in my gym kit and general rules when gyming to get the most of my 45min to 1 hour training session.

Whether you choose a local community running club, Zumba, a gym or a personal coach or trainer there are some non negotiable entitities you need to carry. As well what you MUST do as well.



1. A gym towel and water bottle are needed to be carried at all times. And also a tracksuit Jacket in case of weather changes.

2. Cellphone should always be untouched or on silent in a gym session. Do not get tempted to read messages or overshare your gym time by yourself. Get with it. Make sure it is safe from water or any damage.

3. Never ever carry junk food with you to the gym. People hate that ish.


1. Outdoor is a face cream and SPF sunscreen for the outdoors. A cap, visor helps stop sunburn.

2. Gym gloves, because weight training is better that way.

3. Deodrant. I choose mens deo because of the strong sweat smell. Fitness Planet gym insists one ato use their gym they need perfume and deodrant.

4. Your bathing equipment towels lotion and slippers to take a shower at the gym before you head out. Best to always wash off the grime and sweat. Carry easy change of clothes.


Arrange your items in easy order before you sleep or head out to make sure you do not forget to wear all items.

Wash gym clothes soon after usage so they do not pile into a stinky mess and leave your clothes with a sweaty stench.

Show up and Pump it up at the gym

Happy Exercise



Getting ready to wake up early!
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