Harare women boutiques popping up!

Let us go back to when I started this blog…major boutiques were Little Harrods in town and Borrowdale for the upmarket, Timeless Apparel in Arundel and Joyce Chimanye gave us dose of African print chic in her Zuvva store in Sam Levy’s village.

OH how things have changed!

Perhaps the coming in of direct flights to major places in the world has given the opportunity for people to compete with the big dawgs of back then.

Let us face it: FastJet, FlyAfrica makes getting fabric a breeze in Tanzania.

Clothes from everywhere else…Europe, Turkey/England and Asia Beijing/Guangzhou are a breeze to get to with Ethiopian and Emirates landing in  Harare.

Ironically the economy has given options for consumers and the more people sell and sell. Given that I do not particularly enjoy shopping like I did…because wearing clothes is not easy with hips anymore.

Last year I noticed 3 boutiques catering for similar income and style groups pop up… I have to admit I have only been a customer for one store

Here it goes:

Mel’s Touch

Dressed and photographed for a GTel Advert in the CBD boutique


POSH boutique
Some of POSH Vips shoots in the CBD store

JanJam Ladies

janjam 4
Inside the CBD store, JanJam Ladies

know of any other stores or boutiques popping up?

Where do you shop?




8 thoughts on “Harare women boutiques popping up!

  1. I like that these boutiques are popping up. They offer a different shopping experience as opposed to chain boutiques which sell low quality clothes, which we where accustomed to in the past few years. Everybody likes to wear something unique, some even like to add a bit of class and these new boutiques offer that. Personally I haven’t shopped at any of those stores but I plan to. I like Cindy’s fashion corner as well.


    1. Cindys fashion store is also really nice place, its just that I feel often the clothes where i havent shopped, have clothes either suitable for the club or dinners and balls like award shows,…. which for now, work clothes are my need and convenient casual clothes


  2. Hi.

    I am the owner of the well known high quality brand WISH internationally but most and best in Zimbabwe.

    We are specialising in women clothes and especially on occasion wear like suits for mothers of the bride and groom, church suits but also for people with high positions at work. We are known for our plus sizes too.

    For example We had Zimbabwe’s minister of economy/finance just before Christmas buying suits for his wife/partner and also the Vice President of Zambia at the end January buying suits for herself. And many more.

    We were one of the main suppliers for Little Harrods in Harare!!

    Please feel free to check out our Facebook page for more information https://m.facebook.com/WishLondonFashion/

    Or call or WhatsApp me on my mobile: ‭‭+44 7481 147970‬‬

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards



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