5 TIPS to glowing FLAWLESS skin this Summer

HARARE – The silence from this platform is on purpose. I had a heartbreak to deal with, had to take time off and reconnect with those that love me and forgive those that cannot. However I noticed my skin has a glow… a glow indeed. And given my extra time I am outchea looking at peoples skin and going hmmmm also how my skin changes … Continue reading 5 TIPS to glowing FLAWLESS skin this Summer

#FESOChallenge: Brand New FESO Hair Mask Review

HARARE – The sun is not being friendly to my strands as they have dried out so much lately thanks to the weather changes. One day is scorching Next its freezing. So FESO has a new hair mask they have available at Curtleys Zimbabwe in Mt. Pleasant as a hair treatment. For $15 one gets the FESO treatment and blowdry at the saloon. So seeing the … Continue reading #FESOChallenge: Brand New FESO Hair Mask Review

#FESOChallenge Using FESO for natural hair care regime

HARARE – Going natural was never a decision on health or the effects of relaxers on our health. FESO has updated my hair care regimen and its working out well…it helps that it is developed by a Trichologist specialising in African hair type, Dr. Kuda. So when I started the journey with FESO I had gone through the same issues I incurred with my relaxed … Continue reading #FESOChallenge Using FESO for natural hair care regime

My first facial, an honest experience

Curtley’s Zimbabwe HARARE – In all my years, I have never found the need to have a facial. My skin has no acne problem, in fact it changes its needs every season. Winter is my best time for my skin, it behaves well. In high school I subjected it to a lot of sunburn because of a bad habit in winter.

I revived it with water SPF and brightening cosmetics, but the best for me was Tea Tree Cream and Vitamin E cream.

Fast forward, as I did the #FESOChallenge, Kuda from Curtley’s Salon and Spa gave me a surprise facial after having learnt about FESO hair cosmetic range.  Continue reading “My first facial, an honest experience”

Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks

Bentonite Clay is helping my face to slay, I need it now more than ever.

Apparently bacteria we interact with at the workplace, and gym and touching our face can cause acne and dirt accumulating. Continue reading “Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks”

Loving my Fair Trade Fashionable Skirts from Zimbabwe

The delays in posting, blame the need to start a business in Zimbabwe that is ethical and fair trade. So I want to talk about a brand I know of, Labour of Love.

Labour of Love Africa is a social enterprise that empowers women in Zimbabwe through creating fashionable clothing, using African Print. Continue reading “Loving my Fair Trade Fashionable Skirts from Zimbabwe”

#HairReview OGX shampoo and conditioner

Its not everyday you find a sulphate free shampoo that is moisturising and needs a small quantity to lather. Continue reading “#HairReview OGX shampoo and conditioner”