MUST HAVES and needs in your gym kit

It is the NEW YEAR and for many people continuing or starting on body goals has commenced.

I took a break this festive from the fitness and had fatigued my body from the travel so I decided to start mid January.

Lawson Kopje Class for all….was unexpected and we were never ready

I had to learn some lessons along the way on what I need to carry in my gym kit and general rules when gyming to get the most of my 45min to 1 hour training session.

Whether you choose a local community running club, Zumba, a gym or a personal coach or trainer there are some non negotiable entitities you need to carry. As well what you MUST do as well.



1. A gym towel and water bottle are needed to be carried at all times. And also a tracksuit Jacket in case of weather changes.

2. Cellphone should always be untouched or on silent in a gym session. Do not get tempted to read messages or overshare your gym time by yourself. Get with it. Make sure it is safe from water or any damage.

3. Never ever carry junk food with you to the gym. People hate that ish.


1. Outdoor is a face cream and SPF sunscreen for the outdoors. A cap, visor helps stop sunburn.

2. Gym gloves, because weight training is better that way.

3. Deodrant. I choose mens deo because of the strong sweat smell. Fitness Planet gym insists one ato use their gym they need perfume and deodrant.

4. Your bathing equipment towels lotion and slippers to take a shower at the gym before you head out. Best to always wash off the grime and sweat. Carry easy change of clothes.


Arrange your items in easy order before you sleep or head out to make sure you do not forget to wear all items.

Wash gym clothes soon after usage so they do not pile into a stinky mess and leave your clothes with a sweaty stench.

Show up and Pump it up at the gym

Happy Exercise



Getting ready to wake up early!

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