Making a “Proudly Zimbabwean” statement with @AmaZimZim_ZW 2017 collection

The flag, That Flag of Zimbabwe is now commonly known as #ThisFlag, can no longer we worn as a scarf, as 2016 revealed a rebellion associated with wearing it as a scarf. So how can we show off Zimbabwe, even as a souvenir to tourist.

Meet AMAZIMZIM, or simply AMZZ  A Zimbabwean clothing line that says, I am a Zimbabwean, in a proud manner. Continue reading “Making a “Proudly Zimbabwean” statement with @AmaZimZim_ZW 2017 collection”

Emirates Airline brief: voted the best and continuous upgrades

Voted best airline, both offline and online Emirates’ focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations both in the air and on the ground were recognised on Wednesday 26th April 2017 with four accolades at the Business Traveller Middle East 2017 Awards. At a ceremony attended by key travel industry executives, Emirates was crowned “Best Airline Worldwide”, “Airline with the Best First Class”, “Airline with the … Continue reading Emirates Airline brief: voted the best and continuous upgrades

My first facial, an honest experience

Curtley’s Zimbabwe HARARE – In all my years, I have never found the need to have a facial. My skin has no acne problem, in fact it changes its needs every season. Winter is my best time for my skin, it behaves well. In high school I subjected it to a lot of sunburn because of a bad habit in winter.

I revived it with water SPF and brightening cosmetics, but the best for me was Tea Tree Cream and Vitamin E cream.

Fast forward, as I did the #FESOChallenge, Kuda from Curtley’s Salon and Spa gave me a surprise facial after having learnt about FESO hair cosmetic range.  Continue reading “My first facial, an honest experience”

The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017

HARARE – I always knew that my choices in foods was the problem. Diet is 80 percent of weight loss, by diet I mean what you eat and drink will have an impact the most on your body. People have misunderstood the word diet to mean a program that is insane, e.g A liquids only eating plan for a week or two to lose 8 kilograms. Continue reading “The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017”

Rocky Dawuni, African Reggae artist coming to Zimbabwe #HIFA2017

Ghanaian Reggae singer, nominated for Best Reggae Album at the GRAMMYS 2016 edition, Rocky Dawuni is coming for Harare International Festival of the Arts 2017.

We met the beautiful humble soul at Sauti za Busara as he was the main act. We spoke to his team at the festival and they expressed interest in coming to Zimbabwe’s HIFA. Continue reading “Rocky Dawuni, African Reggae artist coming to Zimbabwe #HIFA2017”

Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks

Bentonite Clay is helping my face to slay, I need it now more than ever.

Apparently bacteria we interact with at the workplace, and gym and touching our face can cause acne and dirt accumulating. Continue reading “Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks”

@Emirates DUBAI Specials for Harare travel lovers!

Ever dreamt of DUBAI and think when or how you will get there if you havent…worry not people because daily flights to Dubai by Emirates from HARARE International Airport. Continue reading “@Emirates DUBAI Specials for Harare travel lovers!”