#FormerFatty Series: 21 Day rule never giving up hope

I will name this series, former fatty series, a few days ago I wanted to give up. My weight had started creeping up again and I was rather bored working out by myself. So I wanted to write to encourage the discouraged because I been there!

When I started this fitness journey, after 2 weeks I knew once I reach the 21 day mark it was game on, thank Beyonce 21 Day vegan streak for teaching us all habits become ingrained in us after 21 days.

My weight-loss since has been a battle of my mind, and only after losing 14 kg do people notice the change in the discipline in exercise and healthy eating.


Quick weight-loss and Banting is an unsustainable way, for the long term one has to know what to do and eat to get a healthy body. The weight will creep up when you do not learn how to eat stuff you learn to like.


Fitness and sport are one of the most mentally straining activities because you stop when you are done not tired. It takes a lot to be consistent despite not being fully consistent with motivation. This is during activities that you have to learn to not quit!



Outside the training schedule is the noise, the people around you might laugh at the idea of you going to gym. Very often people will still make snide comments about your body which is unnecessary. An overweight woman said how can I be at gym with the size of my stomach, and she had a neck bulge. Never listen to the words of people who do not know your struggle. So if someone makes a comment on my stomach, I answer very angrily because I WORK HARD for this!

Find your gym community to do gym with and do not get attached keep at it. More series on diet and when I suffered so much pain!





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