Winter is coming! Bomber Jackets essentials by HAMBA

Winter is coming, at least it has hit some parts of South Africa already and we have you covered for the winter with our bomber jackets under HAMBA, which solve so many of fashions problems. Problem 1: I want a jacket that is versatile throughout Winter and Summer and easy to layer Solution: We have the classic bomber jacket that is available with a light … Continue reading Winter is coming! Bomber Jackets essentials by HAMBA

Why I love the bomber jacket

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The year is starting and I cannot contain how excited I am to be alive first and foremost and able to make great clothes that people love as well. Last year I lost a very important part of my soul, grandma Josephine who was in full support for HAMBA from the time in Lilongwe. Being able to share the beauty of life … Continue reading Why I love the bomber jacket

About the HAMBA luxe clothing brand

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Starting the fashion label was bumpy and very taxing as I created a collection for Lilongwe in 2017. In 2018 I saw myself creating brand new clothing from materials inspired by Africa and fitness. We emerged with a fusion of athleisure and glam feminine looks to our classic Bomber jacket which has four versions to date. The African Print Bomber original, Puffy Bomber, … Continue reading About the HAMBA luxe clothing brand

Making a “Proudly Zimbabwean” statement with @AmaZimZim_ZW 2017 collection

The flag, That Flag of Zimbabwe is now commonly known as #ThisFlag, can no longer we worn as a scarf, as 2016 revealed a rebellion associated with wearing it as a scarf. So how can we show off Zimbabwe, even as a souvenir to tourist.

Meet AMAZIMZIM, or simply AMZZ  A Zimbabwean clothing line that says, I am a Zimbabwean, in a proud manner. Continue reading “Making a “Proudly Zimbabwean” statement with @AmaZimZim_ZW 2017 collection”

AfroUrban backpacks trend, from Moçambique!

African print adds flair to any outfit. It says absolute African and modern when accessories are clad in fabrics inspired by AFRICA. Ola from Moçambique! HAMBA now my travel company is going to African festivals and we saw backpacks at Azgo Festival and bought ourselves one for the laptop baggage. I got tourist price as my chaperone wasn’t prepared for the haggle as I am … Continue reading AfroUrban backpacks trend, from Moçambique!

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Festival fashion the HAMBA Mzuri Sana travel collection

I love me some festival fashion, the music and the fun needs clothes that are easy and liberating.

Hence I never seem to find enough clothing that can express my free spirit with the right balance of culture and fashion.  Continue reading “Festival fashion the HAMBA Mzuri Sana travel collection”

Avoiding a male style disaster

Everyone has that guy they know who has horrid style. While they may not like the idea of a gay stylist or their bae telling them their style is whack, they need this infographic. There is no shade here, remembering someone was not impressed with AKA a South African rappers black tie brown shoes at an event with his current bae, Bonang.

So please all those with a husband, boyfriend, guy friend, brother, cousin whose style never knows what to wear for a dresscode sent me an infographic to solve that mess! Continue reading “Avoiding a male style disaster”