The Freedom Project. . . What really motivated me to lose weight!

A month since my last blog post but more than a year since I have been completely open and blogger like on this platform. So here I am, Concrete Jungle Fashionista back to do what I began years ago, which is share too much information.

For the past three years I was defined by my employer so in May I quit my job to pursue a project I call freedom. The freedom project was when I decided it was time to turn my life around.

A complete change started when I was miserable in my job for over 12 months of absolute misery, then I started gaining weight. It crept up slowly over several months of eating crap and not moving an inch.

I went to the Doctor and my body was in bad shape from all the misery at work. See people say that work things should not affect you, but it does get to be a stress at a certain point. It stemmed from actual harassment from people abusing power to make my experience hell. The sad thing is the level of presence of these individuals when they greet me as if they care how I am. (Bish Please).

I got prescribed mild anti depressants, instead of medicating myself while under misery I decided to fight off the negative energy through exercise.

In two weeks I realized how exercise is like fighting for a dream, putting in the work discipline and mental resilience taught me this was more about my need to start my venture as hamba now and have FREEDOM.

Back with a bang!

So here I am free to express myself and mostly live my dream and running away from negative feeling. Exercise has given me a level of achievement I cannot imagine to explain.

In 6 months I have lost 13 kilograms and have learnt a lot about hard work and myself in the process.

So far the leap of faith has resulted in events in my life I will be sharing weekly, more than once that include the following,

Travelling around Africa for festivals

Debut Fashion Collection in Lilongwe

The truth about travel tips and sheer comedy when traveling

Here is to a new chapter in my life, it feels good to be back and stronger than ever before😍!




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