My first facial, an honest experience

Curtley’s Zimbabwe HARARE – In all my years, I have never found the need to have a facial. My skin has no acne problem, in fact it changes its needs every season. Winter is my best time for my skin, it behaves well. In high school I subjected it to a lot of sunburn because of a bad habit in winter.

I revived it with water SPF and brightening cosmetics, but the best for me was Tea Tree Cream and Vitamin E cream.

Fast forward, as I did the #FESOChallenge, Kuda from Curtley’s Salon and Spa gave me a surprise facial after having learnt about FESO hair cosmetic range.¬†

To be honest, I was feeling so bloated on the day and needed a nice nap. What I needed was a massage from the strength training, but will book a massage for another day.

I got a mini-facial, which means for the face only, a full facial includes shoulders and neck. This is for those who want the glow to match their chest and neck for renewed skin.



I entered a form to assess what products I have used, products I use and medication and medical conditions I could have before the facial. This would prevent me from an adverse reaction or drug interactions.

The Facial

I had to dip my feet in a bowl, to be honest I expected the water to be hotter and cover my ankles more to relax. So I was still awkward after that, I just like warm feet.

Feeling so fresh

I used the Katie Rose brand for natural ingredients, and my facial expert would make sure that I did not feel uncomfortable from products, using inert mixtures when I felt an excruciating pain. Eucalyptus is not my skin’s friend, however I am glad to know that this is noted down in my client book so appropriate products may be used.

It was interesting that they used medical science on the skin to explain the different products and treatment on my face.

The point is to remove dead cells and rejuvenate new cells on my skin for a glowing skin.

After the facial I felt so great, was told my skin is sensitive and given a 3 step Dermatologica free samples

Later on that night. . .

Panic! My skin was painful, it was tightening.

After watching a cat video, i teared up and my goodness, the eyes were burning from the tears. I was not so pleased with myself.

I looked in the mirror and has dark circles on my skin, re-looked at my pictures and saw reddening on the skin.

Are my cheeks a bit reddish…

I called my mom, and was like HELP! She was not yet home, so I took an  antihistamine, dabbed some vitamin E after I rinsed my skin with luke warm water.

I WhatsApped Kuda and was determined that facials are not meant for me. I even told my mom, that my liking of things needs to not mar my better judgement, the burn!

Kuda called me and said that it is an effect to cause peeling off of dead skin cells so it feels like tightening much like a Snake peeling off skin. (I thought in my mind, great a SNAKE! Who does not want to feel like the most hated animal in the animal kingdom!)

Two days later. . .

I feel the skin peeling off and with my fingers slightly oiled with Vitamin E tissue oil the skin is gently peeling off. I know now to stay away from sun and harsh ingredients products


A facial is done once a month, this is the skin renewal process of it.

A facial can be a frightening experience, not as relaxing as I thought it was going to be. It is a medical treatment for the skin.

Also got to get my hair done (minus the person who washed and undid my hair was sloppy with a tailcomb on my ends, I will have to deal with that later), I felt so fly for the #FesoChallenge

My hair!




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