Weight loss 365+ days later and the lessons

HARARE – The weightloss resolution is one people take but few can commit for 12 months straight.

In 2017 I was a full member of a gym for 12 months. In the last two months I joined a sports coaching fitness program outdoor for less money but more personalised approach.

Jan 2017 to Nov 2017

During my gym stint I did all forms of exercise. I did outdoor and loved it dearly running at the Kopje. I also enjoyed trying dance fit and dance exercise. I learnt how to use boxing gloves and still havent liked step class ever since.

My coach Lazarus Kalota is pretty cool as a trainer and frenemy in the gym. I recommend him in combination with good eating habits as a coach.

I lost a total of 17kgs in 2017.

Here is what I learnt about weight loss that I didnt know before:

  • Exercise is therapeutic. – I went to the kopje when I had anger towards my grandma going through chemo and how the man I loved kept disrespecting me. I used my anger on the field a couple of times and deadlifted some major tyre. Turn negative energy to kinetic energy.
  • Losing weight isnt equal to automatic happiness – I was sad to not be attractive for many guys at my age, but now the more shapely bodies means I cannot filter guys who are here for the body not the person. My heart was broken when I was chubby and when I was more shapely…Who knew I never could train my heart.
  • Consistency and Discipline in all spheres – life is like training. Have a goal..feel discouraged… invest more…get a mentor…get advice… practice control and you will get results and eventually reach your goal.
  • Supplements Crash diets are okay but only for athletes or celeb emergency – supplements aid digestion speeden up processes but not long term sustainable or affordable. Most non athletes off them gain weight as they start to eat normally. Eat foods you like that are healthy…in 6 months you will see a difference. Rather than getting on a diet not suitable for your medical conditions or body stick to long term lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix. Losing weight rapidly can cause saggy skin and is not sustainable.

Overally it wasnt easy and I felt like quitting often but knowing my goal was important. I wanted to feel energetic and attractive again. Also so the naysayers realise that I knew why I got overweight its not that I didnt know…I just never worked for it.


For all those planning to change their health status. Give it time patience consistency and hard work, it is a mental game.


Happy new year from Robz


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