Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

The #FESOChallenge Facebook group is growing, almost a 100 members. So far with my hair, I have noticed growth and health. So a summary so far of what has happened so far: Week 1: 8 April – ASSESSMENT I got a hair analysis in the scalp clinic, for a nominal fee of $10 for assessment one can see hair health and density. My scalp has … Continue reading Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

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Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge

HARARE – Natural hair has now exceeded being a mere movement, but it is now a way of life in Zimbabwe. Corporate naturalistas are making their mark in their kinky Afros, no need to be told our hair is “unprofessional”. My natural hair is growing, however it has reached a stunt, much like my hair when it was relaxed.

So I am creating a #FESOChallenge by Ngosikadzi Concrete Jungle BLOG, I am inviting all those interested to join a Facebook group and participate in the challenge to grow their hair naturally or follow the progress. Continue reading “Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge”

Three years of Natural Hair…

Do not believe all the hype about Natural Hair, it is a different experience for every individual. Three years I have soldiered through the rough times and hair errors. 2013 was big chop, surely I should have super long hair now…eeerrr no!

Continue reading “Three years of Natural Hair…”

Holiday hairstyles inspired by 2016 POP culture

The holidays are nearing and it is always about that hairstyle you want. You know the hairstyle for all your selfies, a “woke up like this” look you know.

So we did the research for you with a few pop culture celebrities who slayed so much you might want to emulate the hairstyles. OK at least copy one of them! Continue reading “Holiday hairstyles inspired by 2016 POP culture”

Review: Ultimate Organic Coconut Oil #NaturalHair

There comes a time you become low manipulation for your hair to grow. In twists they go and be oiled that way.

Remember that conditioner and oil are your hairs bestfriend, natural or relaxed it is very important.

Thanks to Ultimate Organic Zimbabwe – for the product testing of their COCONUT OIL

And here it goes. Continue reading “Review: Ultimate Organic Coconut Oil #NaturalHair”

Simplistic protective hairstyling

I have become extremely busy these days. Starting a new job with different challenges, daily battles with sexism can exhaust me. There is no reason for me to lose my hair because of all the stress.

Time to get my hair done can be scarce as time is not on my side. So here is what I do to protect my hair. Continue reading “Simplistic protective hairstyling”

About these natural hair Facebook communities

As part of my hair journey, I have been a fan of the growing communities on hair. Unfortunately there is a major disadvantage with online hair support groups I have figured out, even as a follower. Continue reading “About these natural hair Facebook communities”