5 TIPS to glowing FLAWLESS skin this Summer

HARARE – The silence from this platform is on purpose. I had a heartbreak to deal with, had to take time off and reconnect with those that love me and forgive those that cannot. However I noticed my skin has a glow… a glow indeed. And given my extra time I am outchea looking at peoples skin and going hmmmm also how my skin changes … Continue reading 5 TIPS to glowing FLAWLESS skin this Summer

#FESOChallenge: Brand New FESO Hair Mask Review

HARARE – The sun is not being friendly to my strands as they have dried out so much lately thanks to the weather changes. One day is scorching Next its freezing. So FESO has a new hair mask they have available at Curtleys Zimbabwe in Mt. Pleasant as a hair treatment. For $15 one gets the FESO treatment and blowdry at the saloon. So seeing the … Continue reading #FESOChallenge: Brand New FESO Hair Mask Review

#FESOChallenge Using FESO for natural hair care regime

HARARE – Going natural was never a decision on health or the effects of relaxers on our health. FESO has updated my hair care regimen and its working out well…it helps that it is developed by a Trichologist specialising in African hair type, Dr. Kuda. So when I started the journey with FESO I had gone through the same issues I incurred with my relaxed … Continue reading #FESOChallenge Using FESO for natural hair care regime

My blogging journey the #30DayAfriBlogger

My blogging journey started on Tumblr, later on this site on WordPress and after winning a fashion blogger award at Zimbabwe Fashion  2012, travelled to Malaysia for a boy and 2013 decided it was time to pursue a Media Management PostGrad Diploma. In 2014 was hired as an inhouse blogger and social media person for Sunday Mail Newspaper, wrote a column on fashion and food … Continue reading My blogging journey the #30DayAfriBlogger

Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

The #FESOChallenge Facebook group is growing, almost a 100 members. So far with my hair, I have noticed growth and health. So a summary so far of what has happened so far: Week 1: 8 April – ASSESSMENT I got a hair analysis in the scalp clinic, for a nominal fee of $10 for assessment one can see hair health and density. My scalp has … Continue reading Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

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Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge

HARARE – Natural hair has now exceeded being a mere movement, but it is now a way of life in Zimbabwe. Corporate naturalistas are making their mark in their kinky Afros, no need to be told our hair is “unprofessional”. My natural hair is growing, however it has reached a stunt, much like my hair when it was relaxed.

So I am creating a #FESOChallenge by Ngosikadzi Concrete Jungle BLOG, I am inviting all those interested to join a Facebook group and participate in the challenge to grow their hair naturally or follow the progress. Continue reading “Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge”

Three years of Natural Hair…

Do not believe all the hype about Natural Hair, it is a different experience for every individual. Three years I have soldiered through the rough times and hair errors. 2013 was big chop, surely I should have super long hair now…eeerrr no!

Continue reading “Three years of Natural Hair…”