Avoiding a male style disaster

Everyone has that guy they know who has horrid style. While they may not like the idea of a gay stylist or their bae telling them their style is whack, they need this infographic. There is no shade here, remembering someone was not impressed with AKA a South African rappers black tie brown shoes at an event with his current bae, Bonang.

So please all those with a husband, boyfriend, guy friend, brother, cousin whose style never knows what to wear for a dresscode www.theblacktux.com sent me an infographic to solve that mess! Continue reading “Avoiding a male style disaster”

Zimbabwean Fashion Mogul launches Fashion School

Harare is becoming a fashion hub in its own right, back when I started this blog it was unclear to me where we stood as an industry.

This year Designer of Zuvva is launching a fashion school branch. Continue reading “Zimbabwean Fashion Mogul launches Fashion School”

#Career: Being a young African female startup owner

They call us Miss Independent. She walks like the boss, talks like the boss…and is fly effortlessly

Do not be fooled. It can come with connotations that independence means from love and human contact.

Let us be honest…

Being a female entrepreneur has enough challenges as being a corporate working female.

It is the snide remarks on women having to be domesticated, despite that when people decide to be housewives they also face challenges.

But there is hope Continue reading “#Career: Being a young African female startup owner”

Change is good…well at least I feel it is

This past month I have been settling down in a new job. Yes the job that was my entrance in media at Sunday Mail has changed. It was a rather long and hard decision, okay maybe I WhatsApped my 4 friends who said GO GET IT GIRL!!!

So here is what I learned so far when I changed from the biggest newspaper brand in Zimbabwe to … well… somewhere unknown Continue reading “Change is good…well at least I feel it is”

Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven

HARARE – A haven for bloggers is definitely a coffee shop. The coffee shop gives a mobile home office, WiFi and power source and you are ready to do your thang (Not sure if it is cool to say thang instead of thing anymore).

Being a blogger means you wear many hats so you can also be a business person, a student studying school or setting up a project – we make several plans.

So I have not shopped in a while, but I now coffee “shop” often. Today I want to talk about a coffee shop I call home for a day,  Continue reading “Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven”

Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!

I have been blogging seriously since APRIL 2012, and a number of people have asked me, HOW DO YOU DO IT?… okay maybe just one…but my point remains. In Zimbabwe blogging is a unique situation, especially given the economy and lack of information, blogs become the only informants of certain industries.

But I will share MY experience here! Continue reading “Blogging in Zimbabwe – 4 years of lessons!”

This Me Time tag thing…here it goes

There is this me time tag on blogs going around, so I just got tagged by Alex of Persuasion Inc. ZW blog Continue reading “This Me Time tag thing…here it goes”