Harare women boutiques popping up!

Let us go back to when I started this blog…major boutiques were Little Harrods in town and Borrowdale for the upmarket, Timeless Apparel in Arundel and Joyce Chimanye gave us dose of African print chic in her Zuvva store in Sam Levy’s village. OH how things have changed! Perhaps the coming in of direct flights to major places in the world has given the opportunity … Continue reading Harare women boutiques popping up!

How I stopped biting my nails

It was back home from school, walking alone that I decided to make my nail biting a habit. I made that decision, …this is why kids need sports and after school play dates Continue reading “How I stopped biting my nails”

Featuring Mel of Mel’s Touch #IamNgosikadzi

There is something about Mel, her blog pictures are always very lively and she knows what colours are bright and vibrant enough for that chic look. Continue reading “Featuring Mel of Mel’s Touch #IamNgosikadzi”

Boutique Critique: Arundel Village’s Eternity Timeless Apparel and Su’s Boutique

CASH STRAPPED OFTEN, current economics in Zimbabwe make it difficult for even the recent graduates to afford a designer and versatile wardrobe, so I decided to do boutique critique series on the blog. The idea is to give comparative analysis of places to get your fashion and beauty supplies. Continue reading “Boutique Critique: Arundel Village’s Eternity Timeless Apparel and Su’s Boutique”