Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs

I am not a fan of 90 Day Challenges, or similar detoxes that require someone to eat a cucumber at night or drink green kale juice instead of cooking the kale and chewing it like a normal human being.

In the tabloid paper, I saw an overweight socialite start a 90-Day Challenge, last year Radio DJs too from ZiFM also did a 90 Day Challenge. Always at the beginning of each year, some celeb has decided to shed the Christmas calories. However I do have my reservations and here it is..

What is in it for them?

Time to get fit

Most of the terms of programs are focused on a particular business/gym to get members, so forget that it could be a selfless thing. Mostly one has to do

By getting 3 months subscription for members, the programmes work on festive guilt to gain clients and promote gym trainers, whom we should be cautious off. For example check if they themselves live life healthy and have a six pack?

Health and fitness are a long time investment

90 Days well disciplined is not enough to keep you that way forever. Is it sustainable? For example, can you afford the gym fees and commuting to the gym during that period and beyond. If it requires supplement, can you afford them and what natural solutions are there?

Boity who is USN ambassador gets them as part of her job, so imagine sustaining that on your income.

If only I was the ambassador for USN?

If you have to buy protein supplements, can you afford them and find them readily in your area? If it is not the case, forget about it. . .absolutely. Keep your budget for fitness lean on cost, time and distance from home/work.

Like me who hates mornings, if you hate waking up in the morning and preparing to go to work – do not plan to do exercise in the mornings, instead keep them evening classes. Allocate reasonable time to get to gym from home or work.


Worst part for me is workout programs who take pictures of us, the fatties and gym bunnies working out. I am not about looking raggedy on Facebook as I try lose the weight… please guys don’t torture us with such. We are not lab rats. It is bad enough I am overweight, but now even my haters with see my shrunken afro, sliding specs and big behind sweating all out.

Would you do a 90 Day Challenge, 21 Day Vegan or Detox regimes?





7 thoughts on “Why I do not join #90DayChallenge weightloss programs

  1. I loved this piece. The moment I read the introduction I hit the “Follow” button. I for one will never do these 90 day challenges. I believe fitness is a journey as well as a lifestyle so I am out here doing this for the rest of my life not for a set period of time.

    I once wrote about something along the lines of cravings https://fitnessbaeblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/how-to-manage-cravings/
    I hope you can check it out when you have time.



    1. I have time now, let me check it out, yes the problem with 90 day challenge, it can work for someone who is already fit and gyms regularly or a trainer already, an amateur who is overweight and doesnt know how to squat, I.E inini! would need a long time to first learn my body and my specific needs, e.g if i have knee problems or do more intense exercising


      1. You see why it’s important for people to think twice before joining these challenges. You will end up with more problems than solutions in the end. If anything their challenges should come with follow up programmes.


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