How I ate #BaobabPowder to get toned

BAOBAB is the TRUTH, but there is a background to this post. . .

I probably only watch Television during the weekend, Sunday/Saturday afternoon. Mostly Saturdays and I was interested in another cheesy show by Kourtney Kardashian. Where in all the makeup and surgery, she helps people lose weight in 12 weeks to revenge those that doubted the people.

While in 12 weeks they do daily exercises, diet monitored and controlled and celebrity trainers…this is not affordable post show for some. Continue reading “How I ate #BaobabPowder to get toned”


The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017

HARARE – I always knew that my choices in foods was the problem. Diet is 80 percent of weight loss, by diet I mean what you eat and drink will have an impact the most on your body. People have misunderstood the word diet to mean a program that is insane, e.g A liquids only eating plan for a week or two to lose 8 kilograms. Continue reading “The Concrete Jungle Workout Plan 2017”

In the search of Zimbabwean Vegetarian lunches

When Beyonce did 21 days of going Vegan, I let her do it. When the world speaks of animal cruelty, I put that fillet in the pan and roast that chicken. I am not a vegetarian in any world. Continue reading “In the search of Zimbabwean Vegetarian lunches”

Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven

HARARE – A haven for bloggers is definitely a coffee shop. The coffee shop gives a mobile home office, WiFi and power source and you are ready to do your thang (Not sure if it is cool to say thang instead of thing anymore).

Being a blogger means you wear many hats so you can also be a business person, a student studying school or setting up a project – we make several plans.

So I have not shopped in a while, but I now coffee “shop” often. Today I want to talk about a coffee shop I call home for a day,  Continue reading “Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven”

Healthier habits for healthier wellbeing

I realised a lot of people, eat so much crap!

I realised that in town or in any populated business area, it is easier to get chips cheaper than it is to find a fresh fruit salad or sauted lean meat! Continue reading “Healthier habits for healthier wellbeing”

COOKING RECIPE: The yummy meatball and tomato stew

TEMPERATURES are dropping and the body craves more comfort hearty food. This week I give you a meatball recipe that produces some soft yummy meatballs. These are cooked with the affordable local oyster mushrooms currently in season. Continue reading “COOKING RECIPE: The yummy meatball and tomato stew”