How I ate #BaobabPowder to get toned

BAOBAB is the TRUTH, but there is a background to this post. . .

I probably only watch Television during the weekend, Sunday/Saturday afternoon. Mostly Saturdays and I was interested in another cheesy show by Kourtney Kardashian. Where in all the makeup and surgery, she helps people lose weight in 12 weeks to revenge those that doubted the people.

While in 12 weeks they do daily exercises, diet monitored and controlled and celebrity trainers…this is not affordable post show for some. For example the first one I watched was a food delivery service, which is paid for healthy meals. In the one I watched there was a trainer who trained a football athlete back into shape with intense workouts and trained them meal preps.

Although mostly body builders do this, it is important even as a woman to have prepared lunch (sometimes dinner) available for a busy lifestyle.

My male coworkers carry lunches, cooler bags with food, to work so I adopted the same system a wife would for their husband. In this case I am the wife and the husband who prepares fitness worthy food.

My holistic approach is shown below


Basically my rules are Water, Lemon/Ginger water, Lunch (Vegetable, Healthy Starch, Protein), Fruits.

The recipes will have to design a program people can pay to get the full details.

MEAL PREP. My High School Senior Shingi Gwatidzo used to instagram his meal preps, but now I realised I needed to get with the program


12 glasses of water is what my THERMO PILLZ recommend, a fat burner I was given by my coworker, Mako Mutimukhulu (Yes all my fitness gurus are body builders).

The Ginger/Lemon water, warm at night or first thing in the morning speeds up digestion or something. All I know is they help fight flu too so I drink it up!

Lemon Ginger situation

Another great source of nutrients for me is BAOBAB POWDER. I mix it in Low Fat Milk:Water 1:1, with two tablespoons ALL BRAN instant porridge and the same amount of Baobab Powder. Or in Natural Yoghurt.

It keeps me full for the morning up until lunch at 12.30-13.00 hrs.

$5.00 for about 250 grams a packet (differs with density)


I am now doing Boxing and incorporating some running. On the TV Show, the idea is to get tired before training so my body burns fat when its training.

I have a trainer, and soon we will be conducting fitness tours right here in Harare.

NO CHEAT DAYS, No Giving Up, PAIN is temporary.

The Results as of April 1 2017, from October 2016


My friend (male) said I am now becoming VERRRRRRRRRRY hot! That I should keep it up! #TooLegitToQuit

If you want to get hooked up with Baobab Powder, which I know from its source and its manufacturers in clean factories, get in touch with me, excl. Shipping it is $5.

BELOW is why Baobab is DA TRUTH




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