Say yes to New Year GOALS! They come true

The new year is here and things are getting quite exciting for me, I learnt something about New Year resolutions…it is better to have goals and aspirations WRITTEN DOWN.

I am not a vision board fanatic, I am a list fanatic. Let me tell you my story. Continue reading “Say yes to New Year GOALS! They come true”

10 lessons so far from fitness and starting a venture

2016 is the first year I decided to be an entrepreneur, securing funding changed my perspective on how real it all was. Still fully employed I have had to balance – the need to invest my income was a harsh reality. It became a stressful situation, I started slipping and gaining weight from binge eating – binging soft drinks. Soul food they say. Then I … Continue reading 10 lessons so far from fitness and starting a venture

Instagram takeover on @hambanow

It is almost the end of the year and close to beginning the festive season, called #KeDezemba BOSS!!! Continue reading “Instagram takeover on @hambanow”

Of mental health, heartbreaks, meltdowns and breakdowns

Kanye West, Yeezy was admitted into a hospital for mental illness and a breakdown of sorts. It brings to me to the issue of mental illness in society, particularly mine – black Zimbabwean Shona-speaking woman. Continue reading “Of mental health, heartbreaks, meltdowns and breakdowns”

Dream it and then. . .Just do it!

I go through times of depression and encouragement very often. Living in a country with so much negative press, a general sour mood of people who have no hope. People often see failure before they try anything out.

At a coffee shop I talked to Karen Mukwedeya, I told her simply my frame of thinking for 2016 was to just go for it. Continue reading “Dream it and then. . .Just do it!”

Re-calibrating at Amara’s Health Spa – a much needed detox

There comes a point in all the chaos where you need a break from it all. From January, I have been finding the tension at my work place uncomfortable to say the least.

This is when a girl needs to refresh recalibrate at Amara’s Health Spa.

I am opening a new business and work is as usual, turbulent. Luckily I won my Saturdays back and have found time for a massage to let go of all the negativity at work. Besides why expect to be pampered at work when I can afford to pamper myself (not a staff benefit. . .jabs to the dependants) Continue reading “Re-calibrating at Amara’s Health Spa – a much needed detox”

Before the talk, David Tlale sips some water getting ready for a long meaningful heartfelt lesson on Runway to Retail (Picture by Robin Chaibva/NGOSIKADZI MEDIA)

Business lessons from @Tlale_Large Edgars workshop

Friday 26th of August was the day that the iconic designer, the first African to host a solo show at New York Fashion Week hosted a show in Harare at Meikles. In the morning he gave a designer’s workshop “Runway to Retail” which was altogether worthy for all startup entrepreneurs to hear. Continue reading “Business lessons from @Tlale_Large Edgars workshop”