About Robyn

Welcome to my blog, having started posting in 2012, jobless and wanting to go into media,

Concrete Jungle “NGOSIKADZI” blog is your guide to trends and mostly text articles on beauty and some fashion that is mostly urban, unique and absolutely fabulous authentically made for and about ZIMBABWE.

Based in Harare, I feel like Mindy from The Mindy Project, in a complicated relationship with food, a hopeless romantic, in love with fashion/shoes and generally in an alternate weird life.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and experiences and started as a way to start my own fashion journalism dreams. After being in South Africa since 2008, I figured dressing up makes me feel good about myself.

Robin Chaibva
Robin Chaibva

Nicknames:    TatChai ; Bobbie; Titi; Ms. Tatenda; Chay-bvur

Birthday:    26 September 1989

Hobbies:     Blogging, jogging, dancing and buying shoes

About me:   I am a girl with a passion for beauty and accentuating your natural body form. It’s not about changing your body, it is about working with what you have and being your best.

I have always been creative when I was in school whilst other people read novels and studied I would be sketching cool outfits and drawing cartoons. I also loved collecting fashion magazines in high school.

Work: After working as an accounts administrator for a while before my media degree, I freelanced as a writer but now I am a columnist for STYLE CORNER in the Sunday Mail and my main job is being an online administrator.

Education:     I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Science (Tree hugger and drab fashion).

I studied Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management at Rhodes University (cum laude baby!) , made me realise the potential in my blog and media in Africa.

Blogs: TUMBLR blog,www.ngosikadzi.tumblr.com

Favourite makeup products:    It has to be blush and lip cream colour lipstick by Bobbi Brown and Black Opal.

Favourite fashion items:    Bodycon mini dresses are my ultimate favourite.

The jersey dress that cost me nothing is my favourite fashion item. I like unique pieces that come as second hand from fashionable people.

Favourite Designers:    ZIMBABWEAN designer favourites would have to be Farai Simoyi, Ndau SMILEGIFCollectionMaita Marimo, IntisaarM, Zuvva, DeMOYO, Haus Of Stone AND from Tanzania ChiChiA London by Christine Mhando and Doreen Mashika

Awards: Winner of Top Fashion Blogger 2012 – Zimbabwe Fashion Awards, OSISA Women in Media Full Scholarship Award to study at Sol Plaatjie Media Institute.

Since I started this blog I: I have interned for JEWEL magazine and a bit at PARADE magazine, I also was a STYLE WRITER for Divas Inc Magazine launch publications. I now work at a big newspaper group as part of the Online Team and also started NGOSIKADZI magazine online www.ngosikadzi.tumblr.com

My Mantra: Just be the best version of YOU, and forgive yourself. Never be ASHAMED of who YOU are, authenticity is a winning formula. LIKE ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AsanteAfrican Follow me on Twitter AND Instagram: @iamngosikadzi


21 thoughts on “About Robyn

  1. So i’m here doing the yuzh, reading on fashion and i’ve been wanting to start a blog and I just didn’t have a mentor and I find you!! Words cannot explain just how sparked I am right now. I’m gonna make this happen and you have inspired me beyond beyond and I mean that. Love the blog, good material. Your the first person i’m looking for when I come home. Loveage KC.


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