3 LESSONS from fatness to fitness: Harare Fitness Community

Either you get fit to look better or you get fit for survival. I have learnt how fitness teaches a lot on life. A special event happened as I ran up the hill at Kopje with police rookies.

The Kopje Hill

The latter is the community of people who use fitness and sport to earn a living. Sensei Mugove Muhambi is a martial arts guru who also trains, he has managed to earn respect in body building and martial arts sport as well as where he grew up, Epworth.

Mona, is a top boxer a female one who I met in February this year and again in June training. She lost a lot of baby weight in 6 months when she took a break from her sport. She has taught me a lot about my form when boxing, which is good and has room for perfection.

LESSON: What these sports champions have taught me is working hard WILL change your life, and nothing worth having comes easy.

My trainer Lazzie always fought with my attitude of quitting at what I hated, like running…I couldn’t run because I hated it. He let me do it alone and learn how to face my fears alone, I went on break and ran my first 5 kilometres run in Maputo. I went on another break in Malawi and did Cross fit while away. My abs remain to make a high-definition appearance and while I have to strength to do it, I am more determined to prove to him that I am QUEEN.

Lazzie, Me and Verily (L to R)

LESSON: In life your challenges are yours to face, a coach or mentor believes in you but the decision is yours

Another fitness king is Lawson, my first and last fitness battle was for his birthday. I was unfit but determined to exercise before I went to Zanzibar in February. I had only been fit for a month and a half. As honest as he is, a Pastor, he confessed his truth about how hideous my body was before Lazzie helped me reach a good level of fitness. See when you are starting a new challenge, people see your potential and hard work before you are good. I was at the front row and I was bigger but very focused. When I trained with him, he admitted that indeed my mental strength was insane and strong.

Lawson Kopje Class for all….was unexpected and we were never ready

LESSON: It is never about what others think of your challenge, your brain has to be in the game and the rest of people will sit and learn.

My final lesson is improvement is important, from aerobics step class to outdoor to boxing to crossfit to hill running my next task is tire exercises at home. My abs and glutes remain  to be perfected like my sisters who have amazing below 60kg runner bodies.

Home tyre center

I have upped my home exercise game and I am ready for my tire exercises at home. Bring it! 13 kg down already and I am ready!




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