Review: Ultimate Organic Coconut Oil #NaturalHair

There comes a time you become low manipulation for your hair to grow. In twists they go and be oiled that way.

Remember that conditioner and oil are your hairs bestfriend, natural or relaxed it is very important.

Thanks to Ultimate Organic Zimbabwe – for the product testing of their COCONUT OIL

And here it goes.

Ultimate Organic Therapy COCONUT OIL stimulating growth oil


The oil is light in colour and is placed in an easy to apply dropper plastic bottle. This makes oiling hair really easy to do with the bottle.


Well this product is NOT organic from the Amazon reviews, and has coconut oil in it, however pure coconut oil solidifies. This is not the case with this product. So it is not 100 percent coconut oil.


Well this product works as a good oil after moisturising to seal in moisture. It is light weight and easily absorbs into scalp.

The applicator bottle makes it great if you have cornrows, weave tracks or hassle free.

It has a nice fragrance to it and it can work as a body moisturiser and for your skin and nails too. Your hair skin and nails will love it.


I recommend after a wash, while hair is wet after cold cold rinse you apply on damp hair to seal moisture (along with shea mix if you have 4C hair).

Daily oiling after a waterbased spritz can seal in the water.

Using it alone might not replace all your other hair needs but will help as a light oil mix, if you follow the LOC (Liquid, Oil and Cream) approach for black hair.

HOT OIL treatment for repairing hair, use it to hot oil treat your hair.

Also as a prepoo to protect hair from the stripping effects of shampoo on hair.






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