Holiday hairstyles inspired by 2016 POP culture

The holidays are nearing and it is always about that hairstyle you want. You know the hairstyle for all your selfies, a “woke up like this” look you know.

So we did the research for you with a few pop culture celebrities who slayed so much you might want to emulate the hairstyles. OK at least copy one of them!

The Cookie Lines (Lyon)

Taraji slayed some dope cornrows on her visit to South Africa, the weaves and relaxed hairstyle took a break and she rocked cornrows style with box braids at the back

She looked absolutely gorgeous and we loved this look at the EMPIRE FOX South African tour! Yeeeees hunney!

The Brandy FroFro

African liberation means we can rock our AFRO free and thrive, better yet is the afro weaves now available  for those who need some fro fro, Brandy rocked this look to a tee!



Solange Knowles Seat

Her hairstyle suffered copying by white media so you know it was a hit, her album had her in a long wavy and bulky weave with clips in it,

Solange album cover on the left, and a blogger immitates the style and makeup

Definitely a good look for the party.

An even cooler style was the beaded style in her music video

seashell beads on Solange

Beyonce’s micro-Cornrows formation

These cornrows were spotted by King B before, but on her video a day before her superbowl performance.

OKAY ladies now lets get in formation….I SLAY

Get ready for your roadtrip, plane ride and weekend getaways with some 2016 dope hairstyles so you can stand out at your holiday destination!





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