Simplistic protective hairstyling

I have become extremely busy these days. Starting a new job with different challenges, daily battles with sexism can exhaust me. There is no reason for me to lose my hair because of all the stress.

Time to get my hair done can be scarce as time is not on my side. So here is what I do to protect my hair.

Simple Twists are back in style for me because they help my hair grow and there is no way I can nitpick them and break my hair from bad habits.

Sometimes I do it myself, but at the salon they can come out really nice and nicer since they blowdry the hair.

Best thing is you can use a curling custard or a cowash before twisting.

Twists season

So look out for a series of review products on the blog ZEBS a distributor of Natural Hair brands has given me some samples.

Yes Hair Season is with me!

Expect to see

Aunt Jackies Curls and Coils


Nubian Care

Marc Anthony (for the Man reviewer)

Argan oil of Morocco

Originals by AFRICAS BEST




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