About these natural hair Facebook communities

As part of my hair journey, I have been a fan of the growing communities on hair. Unfortunately there is a major disadvantage with online hair support groups I have figured out, even as a follower.

I found this group on naturals, unfortunately some member were aspiration naturals rather than actual ones. So one will find idle minds end up being more commentators than constructive feedback. I did meet a lot of cool people, but somepeople genuinely will keep on using too much products and damaging their hairline.

Before you join a group, understand some things about Hair Bloggers.

  • WHEN YOUR HAIR BLOGGER CUTS HER HAIR, you will hate following her afterwards making you realise you think long hair is the only way to be healthy haired.
  • Everyones hair is different and that is OK.
  • Some people in a group are trying to eel their product they have become agents for, so be careful on referrals of shops and products.
  • Trolls trolls trolls, some women who are not there for the cause will just be there to bring you down, when that happens, leave while your hairline is still in tact and dissappear.
  • You will have google for any further queries so worry not!!

In other words, you can ask me, no problem, my hair has been through enough

Love and afros




4 thoughts on “About these natural hair Facebook communities

    1. it is just as a society we look down upon short hair and natural hair. invest in cute hats earrings and do your brows to feel absolutely gorgeous. You chopped for a reason, also wigs help, box braids, enjoy the chance to have short braids done, have fun with it.

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  1. Robin! Ain’t this the truth? The negativity some people elude, I remember my hair was termed “no longer natural” after I colored it and well I just ignore and move on, keep my hair moisturized and maintain my edges.


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