5 TIPS to glowing FLAWLESS skin this Summer

HARARE – The silence from this platform is on purpose. I had a heartbreak to deal with, had to take time off and reconnect with those that love me and forgive those that cannot.

However I noticed my skin has a glow… a glow indeed. And given my extra time I am outchea looking at peoples skin and going hmmmm also how my skin changes in Summer.

Winter is okay for me but the extra sweat can be bad for acne and rashes… euw not cool reacting to sweat so here goes for the selfie ready people for skin that glows (If you have allergies and a skin condition… visit a medical doctor)

1. Drink Water and Eat Well

Yes H2O is key from the heat and hydration. Moisture is an internal process too. Reduce salt and sugar as they dry out skin somehow. HYDRATE is key.

If you drink alcohol flush it out or stop drinking booze for a while.

2. Get enough Sleep

Insomnia isnt good. Bag eyes are a no no when they can be avoided. Reduce caffeine dependency and drink chamomile.

3. MASK regime

A clay mask helps a lot to reduce oil buildup on the face. Store bought or creating bentonite clay mask… find your fix.

4. Have inner joy

Women in love glow. Those who have guy problems are dull. Be it a man. Accepting yourself or journey in life BE HAPPY. Have hope Have Optimism Set rules on who you are…define it yourself and define what joy means to you. Glow from the hope and celebrating your life journey.

5. Have good foundation and face filters

Find the light and filters that give you flawless skin if all fails. Also know your makeup. I use Maybelline dream matte mousse and another Black Opal flawless in the middle of my face


ok maybe not




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