Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge

HARARE – Natural hair has now exceeded being a mere movement, but it is now a way of life in Zimbabwe. Corporate naturalistas are making their mark in their kinky Afros, no need to be told our hair is “unprofessional”. My natural hair is growing, however it has reached a stunt, much like my hair when it was relaxed.

So I am creating a #FESOChallenge by Ngosikadzi Concrete Jungle BLOG, I am inviting all those interested to join a Facebook group and participate in the challenge to grow their hair naturally or follow the progress.

An introduction to FESO

FESO is a Zimbabwean (Founder and the key ingredient are from Zimbabwe) hair brand, which uses science of natural plants and ingredients to grow healthy thick hair. It helps restore damaged follicles. We will be having a sit down with the founder Kuda Mupawose , she featured in THE HERALD last year talking about her product.

She reached out to our page and we said, why not?! We are yet to meet later on this week and discover natural hair science.

Experience with FESO

Of course I join challenges where I have some background knowledge. I tried FESO last year when I wanted my hair to grow for my sister’s wedding. It worked wonders in my hair. I used it in a post where I visited Kuda’s salon and spa, CURTLEY’S unannounced on a Monday (Which is my vibe).

Read about it here, What people do not know is how my hair was like before the first bottle of Feso.

My hair was thickened by the spray and it gave my hair much needed relief from dandruff and the product did not build up.

I used two bottles consecutively and my hairline was back after it had suffered some minor damage. For hair oil and moisture I used AUNT JACKIES Zimbabwe’s for shampoo, conditioner and their OIL TREATMENT products. Which I will be using to compliment in the challenge too.

Moisture fro is twisted

These twists were done at Curtleys and I absolutely loved them,

Soon after the salon my locs
My Afro





12 thoughts on “Growing your Natural Hair naturally…introducing the #FesoChallenge

      1. I think it is wrong to break one’s hair or deplete the health of our hair so they can cover it up with indian hair, although weaves do cause damage very often, so I understand, one should not be addicted to hiding their god given hair with borrowed trends

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      2. Interesting. I’m a guy so I wouldn’t know exactly the whys and wherefores but a girl with a weave is just a huge turn off for me. I have seen Indian girls with their hair and perhaps that’s why it’s now a little weird for me to see a black girl with that kind of weave. In a little complicated thought, I think it’s low self esteem in our girls. They should love their hair and find ways to style it. I have seen quite a lot of girls with great natural hair. It feels natural this way and it seems like that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Braids are okay by me, by the way. I have always had a soft palm for those.


      3. It all goes down to preference in the long run, some women prefer beards some women hate them, some like guys with afros, some like fresh cuts, it is all a matter of preference, my biggest problem is unhealthy looking hair, being dependant on extensions braids weaves to cover a hair mess is not cool. hence FESO is there to restore confidence in our natural hair, so it is easier to get away with their hair if they have a low budget

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      4. Hey, Tatenda…hi, once again. I’m studying in India and it just hit me that maybe we could help each other in a way. I can arrange a supply of weaves. Should you be interested, just let me know. We can talk about everything else afterwards.


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