#FESOChallenge Using FESO for natural hair care regime

HARARE – Going natural was never a decision on health or the effects of relaxers on our health. FESO has updated my hair care regimen and its working out well…it helps that it is developed by a Trichologist specialising in African hair type, Dr. Kuda.

So when I started the journey with FESO I had gone through the same issues I incurred with my relaxed hair…excessive shedding and my fine hair would break.

Me today SEPT 2017 after my hair had too much growth put this style in myself.

So I was open to anything having used FESO it improved my hair thickness for my sister’s wedding hair…all natural.

THE RESULT…in a few months I have grown my hair from not so.healthy damaged neck length to armpit length. My hair is done by Curtleys Salon and Spa owned by the same business mogul and it has also been managed to get me with great protective styling options.

Through product and hair services Dr. Kuda is sponsoring my hair with product and hairstyles.

#FESOChallenge by Ngosikadzi Concrete Jungle is on Facebook

My Hair Care Regime:

  • My daily haircare involves the LOC method, spraying water on my hair (I add extra virgin oil or olive oil to it) + FESO Water and Oil hair growth spray + FESO shea on scalp and ends (I do this when my hair gets dry sometimes water does the trick). Massaging the scalp helps.
  • After every hectic hairstyle I do a Deep Conditioning Oil Treatment. Excessive drying occurs from use of extensions.
  • No microbraids and after my hairline suffers boxbraid drama I treat with FESO haircare.
  • I use Shampoo with teatree and olive oil added to treat the itch, The Moringa range with Schwarzkop shampoo which solves my scalp itch. I found sulphate free didnt solve my itch in scalp.
  • Protective styles that protect ends and chunky twists.
  • I dry my hair in sections and before wash I use detangler cream (Aunt Jackies Detangling lotion is boss!)

And picture evidence of my hair growth is here. You can see where I began back in April. The latest is August where I am arm pit length




PS. get FESO by visiting 31 arundel school road in Mt Pleasant to become an agent or buy for yourself.

FESO PRODUCTS Recommended retail
Ionised Water $2.50
Hair Growth Formula 100ml  $22 50ml $12
Cream Feso shea 125g $17 175g $27


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