Three years of Natural Hair…

Do not believe all the hype about Natural Hair, it is a different experience for every individual. Three years I have soldiered through the rough times and hair errors. 2013 was big chop, surely I should have super long hair now…eeerrr no!

2013 big chop

The truth is you will feel ugly having chopped off your hair, but you have to rock it and learn your hair needs…yes OT and stuff help.

Fact is your hair will behave as it did before, it will save the chemical damage but still suffer hairline and hairloss when it is treated harshly with styling.

HOWEVER I like my hair being natural as I always dreaded the salon chemical and have found braids are my friends!

Green tea and natural hair

I have become a naturalista as part of my brand, which is mainly easy peasy hypoallergenic style…WHATEVER THAT MEANS, it became normal in my family as all of us had natural hair, so noone helped with relaxer related problem.

Besides that, whether you are natural or relaxed or shave off all hair, its absolutely YOUR CHOICE

I still await for super long hair, but eish the forces wont let me be!!





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