Growing Natural Hair naturally; 3 weeks into the #FESOChallenge

The #FESOChallenge Facebook group is growing, almost a 100 members. So far with my hair, I have noticed growth and health. So a summary so far of what has happened so far:

Week 1: 8 April – ASSESSMENT

I got a hair analysis in the scalp clinic, for a nominal fee of $10 for assessment one can see hair health and density. My scalp has DHT residue and needed a scrub and DC.


After a wash and blow dry my hair, looked OK and brownish

before 8 april
8 APRIL 2017

Protective Styling, then having told Kuda Mupawose the owner of salon and FESO brand; she gave me a protective style.

My hair!

WEEK 2: New Style New Hair

I sprayed the feso HAIR growth and used some FESO shea, and I had new growth from the week.

one week
The growth came curly and blacker even before I undid my hair

It was nice to feel the curlier hair pattern from new growth, I guess my hair follicles were younger and healthier.

I had length of 23cm and my hair felt nice and softer and cotton like.

My protective style was chunky twists pinned at the ends

chunky twists


At home I did a conditioner wash using just Oil Treatment mayonnaise and got my wet twists at Curtley’s, and I am in love with, them, I never want to let this hairstyle leave.


I love how they look like RASTAs

locs 2
chunky twists are my favourite

I love the wet twists from Curtleys because these are like the first ones I got installed, only now my hair is much longer

First time I had locs about a year ago…

Week 4 will see what happens…

Stay tuned on the page




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