Coffee Shopping, an essential Blogger haven

HARARE – A haven for bloggers is definitely a coffee shop. The coffee shop gives a mobile home office, WiFi and power source and you are ready to do your thang (Not sure if it is cool to say thang instead of thing anymore).

Being a blogger means you wear many hats so you can also be a business person, a student studying school or setting up a project – we make several plans.

So I have not shopped in a while, but I now coffee “shop” often. Today I want to talk about a coffee shop I call home for a day, 

I see it I WANT it. Slaying on my off day to do my work for the week!

MUGG AND BEAN Avondale Branch

mugg bean2
Enjoy the smell of coffee and the supply of wifi at M&B

A brief history, the franchise is part of Shingi Munyeza (GOOGLE him) empire of brands, the mogul has a history in big business a former CEO of African Sun, a church leader and an influential voice in Zimbabwean business circles. I give him credit for his accolades, no shade

The brand is based in South Africa, the material in the store in itself are the same as you would see in a South African Mugg and Bean. The menu says even.

Favourite Aspects, The Avondale branch is very cosy. The cushioned seating give a socket and a comfortable sitting experience.

It is a great place for a date, a meeting, when the WiFi is open you can do your assignments and enjoy the coffee. I advise people to do the EASY CAPPUCCINO extra milky cappuccino.

The branding in the store and attention to detail is impeccable. The floors are clean, the staff is smartly dressed, the walls and decor, not a single aspect is out of place or in need of repair. A world class hospitality experience and ambiance.

mugg bean1
Mean Mugging at Mugg and Bean (Photos taken by Galaxy S6 Edge)

Not so favourite aspects, unfortunately the food has not impressed me. It is not exciting enough, warm enough, fresh enough for me to enjoy the food fully.

The croissant I had was greasy and felt like an overpriced chimodho

The omelette they made for me, was basically chewy egg flipped in a pan, they chopped reddish greenish tomatoes and placed them in the middle.

Sometimes the staff seem overwhelmed and the manager always has to monitor their standard of service. You can sit in there on a busy day and be ignored until the manager in a black uniform shows up with menus.

I sometimes feel like the chef in the kitchen is not allowed to make the meals delicious. And the staff is inconsistent with the quality of service.

Despite that, if their wifi is open and their coffee is hot and I get my favourite seating! I am game! I am making myself resident blogger and Mugg and Bean coffee “hub”


Till next time, NAMASLAY




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