The bomber jacket emerges …after leaving my job

As a continuation from when I revealed I quit my job for freedom one would think this was planned out to perfection. The answer is No it was not quite.

A normal person would have savings, I had used all mine on trips for travel blogging sake!

The day I resigned I realized that my opinion or feelings were always going to be ignored for as long as I was a single young black female. For some women staying true to themselves is how they break glass ceiling, for me staying true to myself is to never allow my worth be questioned and reach a stage I feel like crap.

Maasai jacket

2016 was a difficult year for me already in addition to being obese, the relationship aspect pretty much involved me being lonely and alone a lot. Being really fat helped worsen my lack of a dating life too.

So here I am back from captivity and now the Freedom Project began, I am free. When I let go of the job a day later I was invited to showcase designs in Lilongwe, I got a job interview as well at an ad agency (I did not get a response but I know I did not get the job.)

the favorite jacket

I never imagined myself as a designer for my travel blog but Lilongwe made me break into a new area, in a month I created a collection inspired by travel.

For now my energy is going towards the fashion aspect of it as I figure out other things.

I was told how depressing it would be but I have time to visit family and make merchandise, Lilongwe was fabulous a success in the people I met and the result for me was great at Malawians and South Africans connected with Zimbabwean crafts as fashion.

I also needed to break away before I felt miserable, more to my worth than money but purpose and God is providing.

For now a sneak peak to my top sellers the bomber under hambanow… more LIFW show pics with Camron Pixel Perfect.

client bought this to be made in Zimbabwe
batik Blue jacket





3 thoughts on “The bomber jacket emerges …after leaving my job

  1. I constantly amazed at how when we decode to release what is not working for us, all the things we ever wanted started to come into our lives. Congratulations and well done on your journey with Hamba Now. May you keep rising


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