#Career: Being a young African female startup owner

They call us Miss Independent. She walks like the boss, talks like the boss…and is fly effortlessly

Do not be fooled. It can come with connotations that independence means from love and human contact.

Let us be honest…

Being a female entrepreneur has enough challenges as being a corporate working female.

It is the snide remarks on women having to be domesticated, despite that when people decide to be housewives they also face challenges.

But there is hope

Challenges is stereotyping. . . however there are some lessons to be learned here.

I find this topic interesting as a woman going into business and working at the same time. FYI my personal life has no identity as well…sigh. Despite that I have a few lessons from a woman who seemingly had it all to someone pulling through and like me, starting out.
There are a combination of lessons and attitudes you need to watch out when going into business, that could leave you broke and broken.


Stop using rare occurrences like, to be next “Bill Gates” “Strive Masiyiwa”

Everyone has a different story and a way to get to success is not set.

Understand that YOU are… YOU. However do not see that as a bad thing, accept yourself and situation and run with it.

Know your responsibilities, level of debt and how you can work around your current activities. Therefore do not drop out of school, resign before you are retrenched or run away from home because of your dream.

The reality it is way much harder to give stuff up. Swallow your pride and enter the working world to network and meet new people, hence I would not advise to work for a start-up in someone’s garage in a residential area.

Know yourself and stay strong even in underpaying posts, you are overqualified for.

Do not let social media fool you, entrepreneurship is work

Stop thinking everyone who quit their job, left their family is having a good time. Neither those in jobs that work is happy happy daily.

Even artists have expectations and deadlines to meet. Save money, one does not fake it till they make it. Be very frugal about money and prioritise. For example religious people always pay their tithes etc and of course bills. SAVE money.

You cannot do it alone

You cannot thrive alone in the world. You need like minded networking events and training to survive.

Just be selective of your talks. If they come with a competition or opportunity for funding and grants. GO FOR IT. Any happy clappy pitches and speeches will not benefit much if it is capital and training you require.

Always consult your friends who did Finance to tell you about company running so you stay in control of your company. When someone wants 40 percent of your company, be very afraid and protect your equity.

Women need women entrepreneurs too in order for support or to give jobs. Make sure you are professional with women. Also when dealing with men, some have a tendency to become too over powering and involved with your brand.

For example a male might flirt…for me it feels like a power struggle.

For me networking and participating in programs that are free to.apply and attend also give an opportunity.

Also if you have a job talk to your supervisor for time off and allow yourself to thrive.




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