Change is good…well at least I feel it is

This past month I have been settling down in a new job. Yes the job that was my entrance in media at Sunday Mail has changed. It was a rather long and hard decision, okay maybe I WhatsApped my 4 friends who said GO GET IT GIRL!!!

So here is what I learned so far when I changed from the biggest newspaper brand in Zimbabwe to … well… somewhere unknownI moved to a new department which is very new and very awkward. Noone cares about its existence. . . and to be honest saying Sunday Mail had a ring to it.

New job selfie

However I realised I needed to make a decision that was best for my sanity, my closest people were growing worried of the sheer unhappiness and deadness that I was filled with.

The reality of working is that not everyone is going to understand you. This is why you should deal with such issues earlier on in life.

Be easy… think a little deeper

While I wanted out in January, I made the move in June. I prayed that I was DONE…DONE with this job.

Do not get me wrong, my former job was great. I liked most people in leadership and the newsroom. The real frustration was the reality of being a woman in a company is that you have to work mil times harder to still be snubbed of a promotion.

My intake into company was Affirmative Action, unfortunately it does not happen much elsewhere.

In fact women are given posts that do not compete with the alpha male, in Zimbabwe the black alpha male.

It is sad, very, only after reading of companies that have a different regarding women in power… I realised I was slowly going nowhere.

So there is me, pursuing business startup. In a new job with a lady boss who understands that I have to do school and business startup tasks.

LESSON IS TO EMBARK ON SOMETHING NEW…but remember to be sober minded  and do 3 jobs if you can.


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