STORY of HAMBA: from a fashion blogger to fashion designer

Harare, Zimbabwe – I recall starting this blog as a tumblr account on a dialup connection with ZOL as well as my moms HP computer which was for her company. If I had seen that in a few years I was going to have a collection in Malawi and clothes shot in Johannesburg I would have never believed.

I started very small but driven. I had a web camera for my content. Imagine a laptop on the ground as I took pictures of my shoe finds.

Often we forget where we came from. How much has been done to fuel a dream. Often making us feel ungrateful when we look back 5 years ago how one dream to start a blog has turned into a business from travel to fashion.

In 2014 I started Ngosikadzi and the designer I worked with, was a mess. In 2017 I met Michelle Hakata as a boss of mine ended up teaching me how to run a fashion line. A senior media person taught me how to start a fashion line! Mentors are found everywhere.

The point I am making is there is no need to get bogged down in getting trained before you find that drive to work with what you have access to.

Today could be the beginning of a new journey into unknown territory…your obstacle is YOU as much as your enabler is YOU. What side of you are you going to let dominate you.

Just do it. As long as you do something you learn.




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