Healthier habits for healthier wellbeing

I realised a lot of people, eat so much crap!

I realised that in town or in any populated business area, it is easier to get chips cheaper than it is to find a fresh fruit salad or sauted lean meat!

So I decided this year, as my butt grew bigger to really control unhealthy growth. Particularly in the stomach area, where a pot belly will not benefit my confidence.

The truth is most people know what is bad for them and stopping it is a mental process. While the gym is now out of range for me… I decided to learn how to exercise and squats on a daily.

Here is a few of my food regime change,

Cutting out SOFT DRINKS, FRUIT JUICE replace with water!

The sugar content in these drinks are terrible… and sugar is bad for us. I have even said no to FRUIT JUICE because although no can sugar is added, they have a concentration of fructose sugar, so beat the sweet tooth with sweet potatoes instead or something.

Sugar-free yoghurt, NATURAL yoghurt and Greek Style yoghurt

I check sugar content and the Kefalos have 1,8 perc of sucrose in natural yoghurt and less in the Greek style yoghurt.

I learned to eat them, without honey,… because honey is also a sugar! yikes!

Yogurt and Baobab Powder mixture

Boiled Eggs

For breakfast I would have boiled eggs, if hard boiled the protein would help me sustain my appetite in the morning till lunch. Together with some natural yogurt.

Baobab powder

So I heard about this powder and its a superfood with vitamin C. It is packed with fibre so it fills me up, mixed with yogurt (greek style) and a dash of sugar…(only time i add sugar) and baobab powder – yes mawuyu – which make a very filling morning porridge and supper before I sleep.

Baobab Powder from Mustard Seed Africa

Green Tea – Jasmine

Good for skin and metabolism to cleanse my body off the toxins. I need green tea to help me with this. The type I have is from China

Tea making ceremony and tea shop in Beijing


So far, my weight hasnt changed, but my shape has improved with my stomach responding to sit ups and when I get the chance to hit the gym.

There is more energy in me and a spring in my step because I do not feel so sick from the too fatty foods,

By eating what nourishes me and




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