In the search of Zimbabwean Vegetarian lunches

When Beyonce did 21 days of going Vegan, I let her do it. When the world speaks of animal cruelty, I put that fillet in the pan and roast that chicken. I am not a vegetarian in any world.

There is a serious shortage of such foods prepared with the dietary requirement, during the occasional meat fast it was hard to find vegetarian meals. Therefore choosing fried chips and badly steamed veg!

I have always thought vegans look unhealthy, but then again perhaps it is bad food choices and lack of options.

vegetarian meal
Freshly Maid vegetarian meal – Spicey Rice, Mushroom, RoastedButternut and GREEN SALAD for $4.00

My friend, a senior at my high school who I never talked to (I was very quiet back then, perhaps I knew I was too honest), Tinashe Paradza and her business partner Tasha).

Freshly Maid on the menu today and I cleansed with some GREEN TEA just to feel good about my deed.

My Thoughts on the FRESHLY MAID vegetarian/vegan:

The Price:

For $4.00 including a salad and a healthy meal, it is great. My friend refused to conform and for $5.00 he bought his KFC Streetwise and CocaCola Drink.

The Amount:

I found the food filling as it had the right amount of fibre, I had forgotten about it but I got a call at Lunch to eat me some yummy food and a cooling salad for the winter (I was happy because there was no iceburg lettuce, which when it is too much can be annoying)

The Packaging:

The container is Aluminium for the meal and if you can reheat the food or put in the fridge for later, the packaging allows that. I would like the salad to be in a cardboard box, this is so it can save the environment – the plastic container it was in felt too intense,

Also love the packing in a brown khaki paper bag, nice and earthy

The Flavour and Taste:

The food was great, because vegetables tend to be bland, so the meal had flavour and was visually appealing when presented. The Chef cares about food and it can be tasted.

Green Salad

Other Issues/Feedback

Branding is everything, I would have loved a business card, brand sticker on the lunch box, a menu for the week for further payments and how to set up a prepaid account with them, all the information to keep connecting with the company and a feedback/suggestion number to send a message.

Yummy yum!

Otherwise, I think I might be taking some vegetarian meals just for the fun of it!



P.S WhatsApp Tasha on +263 78 278 5253


2 thoughts on “In the search of Zimbabwean Vegetarian lunches

  1. I just stumbled upon this blog and i have had a good time reading your posts 🙂 :). Anyways, i kust got interested in commenting on this because i tried a two-weeks vegan challenge and tell you what? It’s a heck of a challenge indeed in Zim to find a good variety of healthy dishes to last you that long. But i managed to complete it though, would i try it again? Well maybe yeah, i think it has same good effects on your wellbeing as fasting does.


    1. I could not cope with being vegan on these lunches, because it wasn’t enough of fibre to fill me up. But protein found in meat is necessary for good health, honestly some vegans look like they have dry skin without enough health and bag eyes, in the long run, take veg and meat but with healthy amounts of all nutrients for better balance…so i think

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