Repairing and protective styling my hair

My natural hair knowledge is evolving, but what is the best lesson is practical part and application to my own strands.

So I decided on my free day to use Aunt Jackies to wash and manage my hair at home, I also used the new buzzword in hair from Zimbabwe….FESO

The evolution of the hairstyling at home and at the salon.

FESO is named after a weed called…feso…which is used in skin repair and hair growth. So I found it in Randburg.

After finding it back in Johannesburg for my pre easter break, I would spray it on my hair and scalp, because of the damage I experienced…thanks to DIY crochet braids from school of youtube!

But enough about that…

Finger detangling

My hair was in need of getting back its curl, when hair is moisturised it gets its curl on and while it shrinks that way, defined curls are always cute.

Aunt Jackies Wash and Moisturisers

As per instructions on bottle, I used the shampoo and conditioner in the shower. The conditioner requires to stay on for about 10 minutes to soak in.

Then I rinsed with cold water to seal the moisture

On the damp hair, I applied the detangler and curl custard…however my hair was left white with product so maybe its best to be damp….not wet… airdrying it and removing excess water I put more curl custard.

Nice big afro!
Curl La La

Hair twists

My hair was airdried and then I rocked up at the salon. Unlike getting it done at salon, I made sure my hair was moisturised with the curl custard to retain its natural moisture. Sometimes at the salon they put their own products that your strands will not appreciate.

At the salon they twisted my hair, Curtleys Zimbabwe ….where FESO is made.

Put water spray on the braids to retain the curl, after applying the Wrap Mousse. When I got home I sprayed FESO,….which improves the thickness of my hair noticeably and water.

Soon after the salon my locs

Today I styled my hair and spray them with water…as they said, plain water… of which I put the FESO which costs $20 per bottle.

And thats just me and my fro… low manipulation style


Moisture fro is twisted

Have a naturalistic day…




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