Places to shop Zimbabwean and African designers in HARARE

The whole driving force behind this blog, besides shoes…has been discovering and sharing information on Zimbabwean fashion industry.

It has been an ongoing process…while a lot of designers are functioning and have studios of their own…they are very invisible in terms of finding where to buy.

So I have gathered a list of places to find them, outside festivals and events.


Zimbabwean designers online store

Established by Mel Mazingi, who is trained in finance industry and is a fashion entrepreneur (Zim Fashionista blog and many fashion related events coordination) latest project is Zedlabel.

The idea was a long time coming as I had heard about the idea, however in 2015 the brand has come into the limelight.

Zedlabel is an online store that does pop up shopping events and stalls at various events as well.

Check the store out on IG @zedlabel

Find them here and subscribe for event info

Zedlabel at a fashion event in 2015 where they had a stall
From clothes and cosmetics made in Zimbabwe

Mustard Seed Africa retail store

Ethically made and handmade goods from around Africa

I have written about this store, by Gail Mawocha. The ethos is basically handmade goods by grassroot level communities in rural African communities.

The clothes range from KAMPALA FAIR dresses, crochet pieces for women and children too. The store has earrings, neckpieces, teas and my favourite thing….baobab powder. Getting some clothes here is the most fun, because you know it is artistic and benefitting the producers.

1st floor CABS centre, Bond Shopping Mall, Mt Pleasant

Find them on IG @mustardseedafrica

Rungano Rwedu Retail Store

Zimbabwean designer emporium

Rungano Rwedu is the brainchild of Rumbi Matemachani, European trained fashion designer with a store at Arundel.

Designers rent the space collectively and stock up in this store, which was the idea of Shamiso Ruzvidzo for Fashion Weekend and has remained as a designer emporium.

Do you know any other Zim designer stores I have not mentioned here?





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