Micro Braids: Bonang

Micro Braids: Bonang

This is an example of a possible winter hairstyle, with Bonang Matheba looking chic in microbraids in a bun. You can use Expression


8 thoughts on “Micro Braids: Bonang

  1. I have to say how i really envy micro braids when i see them done well. But the amount of damage and hairloss they cause makes me think twice, not to mention the 8hour sitting.


    1. Yeah the key is to not get them too small. Micro braids in the size of half you pinky in boxes is better. And If it pulls to tight, undo the hair right away. Thanks Natsai!


      1. Yeah it is best you know what works for your hair. Weaves caused my hairline some issues. I am developing a hair care range, the next “Carol’s Daughter” for African hair. My first formulation has made my mom and aunts hair softer and manageable after one application. I am still posting on my personal website about it.


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