Messy Grace Blog – Sanctifying Singleness

It never occurred to me until I read this post that my feeling of being single in the church is experienced by many others who feel as second class citizens in the church… I follow this blog because of a sermon I went my first time at a Jozi church while on break

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke about Singleness from 1 Corinthians 7 and how the church should do better at discipling singles in a sermon titled It’s Complicated” – Sanctifying Relationship StatusAfter this sermon, one of our congregants, Gareth Brady, emailed me and shared how he and his wife Robyn wanted to disciple singles in their community, as he had been someone who had experienced a prolonged season of singleness in a church community. I asked him to share this with us in a blog format, and he did. I hope this is helpful & drives us to become better disciple making disciples. 

Hi, my name is Gareth, I’m 38 years old, and for the the last year I’ve been married to a beautiful, godly woman who is an absolute blessing and a precious gift to me. We got married 8 months after our first date and are thoroughly enjoying our life together…

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