Boutique Critique: Arundel Village’s Eternity Timeless Apparel and Su’s Boutique

CASH STRAPPED OFTEN, current economics in Zimbabwe make it difficult for even the recent graduates to afford a designer and versatile wardrobe, so I decided to do boutique critique series on the blog. The idea is to give comparative analysis of places to get your fashion and beauty supplies.

In Harare, there is no mega malls like that in the cities of Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and Cape Town. You have to scout around and have multiple varied suppliers…makes it fun creating your own wardrobe that speaks to your style.

First stop was Arundel Village Shopping Centre, in Mt. Pleasant suburb, Eternity Apparel vs Su’s Boutique;

Eternity Timeless Apparel – SPLURGE

Located on the ground floor shop no. 3 next Giovanni’s restaurant,

Store Front- Timeless Eternity Apparel
Store Front- Timeless Eternity Apparel

Budget Range –  $30 to $120

I like this shop because for a professional wardrobe, you can buy at least one piece every 6 months of quarterly. The clothing is mature and if you are lucky enough can find your size and style in the shop.

The clothes are sourced from the boutique owners travels to Turkey and the USA

I have found great high waist pants, pencil skirt and bodycon dress in the shop,

I love the customer care and service given by this shop, the shop assistant can also advise on style pieces and give suggestions.

SU’s boutique – THRIFT

Su's Boutique Second Hand
Su’s Boutique Second Hand

Budget $10 – various prices dependent

Now this shop is hidden near Alo Alo restaurant at the back of the shopping complex. A gold mine of special pieces, often second hand, sometimes consignment goods chosen by the shop owner. If you love vintage you can go through the rails and be lucky enough to find something,

So far, some of my most complimented pieces have been found in this shop. Costs less than imported clothing

Again they have great customer care,

So in terms of a second hand shop and unique import shop, these shops can cater to your current budget and needs for a customised unique wardrobe,

til next shopping trip




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