How I stopped biting my nails

It was back home from school, walking alone that I decided to make my nail biting a habit. I made that decision, …this is why kids need sports and after school play dates

So it had plagued me till 2014 I made the decision that wack nails where a big no.

I had started working and my colleague, 4 years younger said she stopped biting hers and now enjoyed the nails on fleek life.

Then I found Emelda Jangale at a nearby spa where I used to get my hair done, now I no longer get my hair done there and Emie was my target.

robin (5)
I used to pose hiding my nails…gone are the days

Obsessive I spent every two weeks doing a touch up.

I decided to stop biting my nails because of the shoot for my blog profile, so I was lucky enough to have had long nails by time of the shoot and the habit was GONE.

How I did it:

  1. Start with stick on nails
  2. Refresh them by using gel on top of the stick ons – celebrate growth with french tips (pearl is an amazing tip)
  3. Use cuticle oil and SALLY HANSEN miracle serum to grow nails.
  4. Use gel on the nails so the colour, it does not fade and always make sure cuticles are moisturised…. any urge to bite visit your manicurist.


nail blue
Matte finish gel
gold nails
Golden Stick Ons at the Nail Bar

Stop by the Nail bar @:

Beauty by Tamiryn

20 Dornie Road, Pomona

Call +263772310076

nail bar
The NailBar at Beauty by Tamiryn

Stop by there and tell me what you experience, tell Emie tatenda told you about her work and promised she wont disappoint!



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