Dream it and then. . .Just do it!

I go through times of depression and encouragement very often. Living in a country with so much negative press, a general sour mood of people who have no hope. People often see failure before they try anything out.

At a coffee shop I talked to Karen Mukwedeya, I told her simply my frame of thinking for 2016 was to just go for it.

I said “Look Karen, I decided this year was the year I was not afraid of not making the cut. I needed a change of career and I applied for funding and got in. I never thought of getting in, but I wanted to challenge myself.”

Karen said she too had started thinking of her clothing line she had started. She said how she had started a hair business and together we had a concept of a TV show we will surely continue having at the projects lineup.

While sometimes we try to get an opportunity we fail some and win some.

This is what fellow BLOOM sister, Mel Mazingi said when I asked her about the funding she got from Tony Elumelu in 2015. She said she works on her pitch, and she does not get all the opportunities she applies for. Technically the more you invest and gamble the more likely it is to win.

Some opportunities pass you by but a better one is on its way.

Karen for example applied for Black Opal Face of Zim and made it into the finals but not semi-finals. Lo and behold she is TOP 6 of TLC Africa’s Presenter search in South Africa.


There is no reason why you should not apply for that job, that online competition, that funding form, that scholarship.

No matter the outcome there is a lesson when these things are applied for we get to answer questions for future opportunities.

But we can make it stop. If you have an opportunity you see. JUST DO IT!





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