Planning to travel on a budget – Victoria Falls (Part II)

There is a misconception that one has to travel only when they have lots of money. That travel is for the elite and that people who travel do so with excess money.


I eavesdropped a family talking about their money dwindling on their holiday and proper budgeting – it can be included.

We all deserve to travel!

Travel is a necessity and it can be done on a budget, properly planned.
So think before you buy those shoes you are not going to wear!

This is my whole ideology towards it, this is from my background as an ordinary kid – side of me.

  • The government school I did my primary school organised trips for culture and travel experience for junior school and Grade 7 students. It was either Matebeleland or Eastern Highlands tours – A ZUPCO bus and govt school camping would be organised.
  • My parents were civil servants and they planned trips and holidays for us – and we used local airlines for the long trips.
  • My maternal grandparents were sponsored the travel vouchers by Air Zimbabwe and have seen South Africa, Tanzania, VicFalls, Kariba, Israel – retired rural teachers by profession.

NOW with online means, it is even better.


Visit Trip Advisor on accomodation, read the reviews of the places from users. Take them with caution as people seek things that are different. If you want a luxury hotel, check the room attributes.

It is important to check all these, along the website.

The Zambezi River


With a VISA card or MasterCard you can pay for accommodation. The tricky part is finding a suitable site to pay through

Had a terrible experience with JOVAGO and after reading reviews on the Facebook and site, I was not the only one. So I had to go HAM on them to make sure my refund happened.

Breakfast in the garden at Wild Trekkers Lodge – BUDGET lodge, not so bad if the activities are what we came to do

So I used for the other trip, which was direct quick and efficient. Thank Goodness.

With a VISA card you can also book flights, make sure you own the card so when you are boarding flight you can show them the card at FASTJET counter.

All passenger aboard FAST JET

REMEMBER to not leave arrangements up to the last minute, have emergency funds in bank and on hand and take care of your personal belongings when you travel




6 thoughts on “Planning to travel on a budget – Victoria Falls (Part II)

    1. Well excluding airfares, and because it was peak season for two people I paid $130 per night, in VicFalls for 3 nights and $50 for two people camping in Livingstone for one night. For food I went to local sadza joints. I would say I had at least 600 dollars excl. airfares and activities, $7 for park walk and activities depends what you want to do and the amount of time available.


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