Journey to the JVFCarnival at Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Part I)

I have travelled before to Victoria Falls, but for the first time it was not because of tagging along my mom’s trip – my own savings, my own agenda…I mean I worked for this money so WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??!….

Apparently…quite a bit.

When I landed, a few minutes in the city I was already in trouble at work. It was a bit more about timing than mischief. Given I had flown out a day before New Years Eve and to leave on the Sunday…  perhaps it wasnt well planned.

Not to divulge the details of how things go along at this regime institution.

So I was told to come to work on Saturday, versus my flight day….

OH SNAP…my flight is for Sunday boo

fast forward came to work on Tuesday, GOT THE MOST ATTITUDE of all time told about how I must think I am so special and DARE NOT come to work when summoned…

So I sang and danced SORRY by Bieber and was extracted from leave.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE LEGACY Victoria Falls gives me…

So this is a story on how what was meant to be a bad holiday, turned out to be a learning curve. HOLIDAYS matter, they make you breath and handle yourself.

God spoke to me…

He told me, it was nothing more than .. human flesh things.

MANGO GROOVE Sydney Mavundla – backstage gave me a toast that 2016 may be eradicated of all pain and grief and troublesome and I received that blessing.


WILD TREKKERS LODGE Jonas Chafota – The owner of the accomodation told me that as an employee he knew he set himself a nice base to land after his retirement.

He said while it is all well and noble to fight for cause of a firm, have your own piece of the world to own and cherish

Breakfast in the garden at Wild Trekkers Lodge

So even minutes after realising this trip might have meant me being jobless, I made sure I had the BEST experience. With my bestfriends in tow, there was no stopping me from the fun!

Keep following the TRAVEL section and blog for more stories from the journey to the Mosi Oa Tunya…this is only Part I

Victoria Falls National Park wassup??!




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