I’m feeling my fro’

The ease of natural hair can be amazing…take for example the trend on dreadlocks and hair can mean I can stay with my lines for a longer time than any other hairstyle!

No special occasion today I am wearing my lace dress from Mel’s Touch and Louis V Scarf replica from China trip – specs still the same!

And to unglammify that look I have a denim jacket! Rebel to the hairdressers

lacey (3)
How do you like my swag though?

Let’s face it, my Friday nights are close to extinct anyway!

Why take casual Friday to mean boring clothes day, why not wear my glam dresses down to come out looking like I have plans at 4pm til 4am.

lacey (8)
🙂 Smizing at my desk
lacey (4)
Nappy hair dont care

On my natural hair care tips:

Make a spritz of hot water, coconut oil… a large amount a third of water volume, teaspoon of baby hair conditioner, 4 drops of essential oils (Peppermint oil), 2 tablespoon Olive Oil and 4 drops of Castor Oil.

I change the mixture according to what on my dressing table… and voila oil and moisture in a spray!

I have had this hairstyle for three weeks on Monday…

After spritz I brush and put my makeup on like a bawss….even though I sit in a pathway office.




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