Online Shopping in ZIMBABWE


E-Closet263 is an online store providing fashion imported from the UK. This includes dresses, shirts and premium hair for every budget. email them for their catalog on :

LoLos Kloset comes to life
LoLos Kloset comes to life

LoLo’s Kloset is the shopping destination for women who are in touch with their femininity and power! Beautiful clothing. Visit this Zimbabwean owned online shop


4 thoughts on “Online Shopping in ZIMBABWE

    1. That is true. When I was in SA i enjoyed online shopping at Zando. Its fhe brand promise that I can transfer, pay with a card that makes it enjoyable in SA. Logistics and Money systems are cool. The problem now is in Zimbabwe delivery is sent by a runner or someone has to wait 2 to 3 weeks as Zimra clears the Facebook Boutiques… which are more impactful than a separate online… this is becausd people want to buy from ppl they think.they know..Jane and.Cosmas


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