#TravelApp: Safe tourism experience Zimbabwe with Accoleisure app

ZIMBABWE – Technological solutions to common problems regarding travel come in different forms. Whether you want to find a restaurant, activities or know foreign currency rates – an app is your best bet.

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Travel with ease with information on your finger tips

The case in Zimbabwe when finding accommodation and the latest events to go to is missing from the foreign travel tech apps, but here is Accoleisure Tour Guide, (combination of the words Accommodation and Leisure) which not only provides full contact details for Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) licensed tourism operators for tourists visiting Zimbabwean destinations. This is from hotels and lodges, transport operators, restaurants, pub and grill and coffee shops that are safe and approved by ZTA.

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Explore Victoria Falls with all the ZTA approved people

The app is available on Android at the BETA app currently.

What makes this different from others is a important aspect overlooked by tourism guides. This is culture, music and conference guide they update. Yes, one of the issues the diaspora and visitors have is not finding where to congregate or engage in social and business events open to the public.

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Plan your trip with all the available information on your phone

From the Victoria Falls to Great Zimbabwe and events from music shows, sports, film and premiere and theatre. Also with offline capabilities will store the latest uploaded information on your device, download on WiFi and rock on!

Whether it be the safest places when you travel around Zimbabwe, or want to know where the party at in Zimbabwe, download this app and give your recommendations.



[This post was a sponsored review for ACCOLEISURE for hambanow.com]

DOWNLOAD THE APP: Click Here to Download Accoleisure



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